Five Powerful Tips to Build Your Real Estate Business

All is not equal and fair in the real estate business.  Before you considered a career in real estate you saw people being very successful, but might not have seen the less successful agents in the business.  There’s a difference between agents who are making good money and those who are... Read More

Your Vocal Impact

Using your voice to connect with clients and peers is something you might not consider to have a large impact on your business, but it does.  Your voice will almost always be the first impression for a new or potential client. Your voice matters because it’s your signature-part of what identifies... Read More

Reaching Millennials for their Home Buying Needs

Millennials are defined as the population born between 1981 and 1997. Unlike many generations before, this generation grew up with access to cable television, computers, cell phones, iPods and laptops in which they could have access to information all day and night without leaving their sofa. This generation is onto gimmicks... Read More

What Your First Year in Real Estate Looks Like

So you’ve completed your pre-licensing course and have passed that state and national exam for being a licensed real estate agent.  What’s next?  It’s important to plan your steps so that you have an idea of what and how long it will take to make the money you’d like in real... Read More

5 Things to Do Before Starting a Career in Real Estate

You may be thinking about starting a career in real estate.  Whether you are changing jobs, or starting work for the first time, real estate can be a fun and exciting business.  There are a few actions to take and things to consider before you dive head first into a real... Read More

Four Things You Didn’t Learn in Real Estate Class

You probably took about 100 hours of coursework before you were even ready to test for your real estate license.  These courses may not have prepared you for the pitfalls that befall many new real estate agents in the field.  As with many professions, you will learn the business better in... Read More

Choosing a Real Estate Company that Suits You

You’ve finished real estate school and passed your state and national exam, your next step is finding the perfect real estate company to hang your license.  Before you begin to interview it’s important to find a place that has a business model, environment, and culture that best suits you.  Here are... Read More

What Personality Traits Make a Good Real Estate Agent?

A real estate career can be a very successful one, depending on the personal characteristics of the agent.  A lot of agents make their own hours, and need to find their own clientele, so someone who is not a self-starter or motivated would probably not have great success at selling real... Read More

Selling Wilmington, North Carolina: What Makes Us Different

Maybe you have been thinking of relocating to a coastal city.  But where?  You’ve heard Myrtle Beach is nice, and Daytona Beach and Miami are exciting also.  Maybe you’ve even considered California and their long beaches and perfect weather year round.  These places are all wonderful places to visit, but would... Read More

Getting Started in the Real Estate Business

You’ve finished real estate school, found a company to hang your license, and are ready to make some money.  Unfortunately, in the real estate world, clients don’t just fall into your lap.  The first few months can be challenging.  You need to get you name out, find clients and secure your... Read More