Continuing Education

Full Classroom 2Continuing Education Courses (CE) are your opportunity to remain knowledgeable about current real estate laws and regulations. That’s why 8 hours of CE are required each year in order to maintain an active real estate license. Provisional Brokers and non-BIC Brokers must take the General Update course and one North Carolina Real Estate Commission-approved elective. Broker-in-Charges (BICs) and BIC-Eligible Brokers should take the BICUP (Broker-in-Charge Update) Course and one Commission-approved elective. See Rule 58A.1702. Continuing Education must be completed by June 10th of each year. There is a “black out” period from June 11th through June 30th.

For further information on CE, visit the North Carolina Real Estate Commission’s Continuing Education FAQ.

General Update Course – $55.00

Broker-in-Charge Update Course – $55.00

Elective Course – $55.00

*Take all 8 hours of CE in the same day and the price drops to $50 per course. Make sure you select the COMBINED course option for the correct date below.

On-line CE Electives

You and the school will receive an email from REcampus upon completion. At that time the school will report your completion to the Commission.

Check back later for available on-line CE electives.


Traditional CE Course Schedule

Fayetteville Continuing Education Courses