A student may withdraw from the Broker Prelicensing or a Postlicensing course by giving written notice to the School prior to the start of the course. In such event, the student will have the following options: Receive a full refund or transfer to a different class.

A student that terminates enrollment in a Prelicensing or Postlicensing course either with written notice to the School or by no longer attending a course on or after the first class will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of paid Tuition. No refunds will be made after STUDENT completes the first scheduled class. STUDENT understands that withdrawal after the first class does not allow a refund, but does allow STUDENT to re-enroll in another course within six (6) months from the scheduled start of the forfeited course, based on available classes and seating. There will be a $150 Administrative Transfer Fee for Prelicense and $50 Administrative Transfer Fee for Post License to re-enroll in another class. This reenrollment privilege will be applied only to the first withdrawn course. STUDENT may be required to buy a new textbook/workbook if the previous edition has become outdated. Any STUDENT not receiving a passing grade on the Prelicense End-of-Course Examination may retake the course one time within twelve (12) months for a $150 “returning prelicensing student” fee. 

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