All courses in NC & SC, are ONLINE ONLY; new courses are currently being added for October and beyond.

How do I earn my license in NC? How do I earn my license in SC?

Check out the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina Booklet and our Licensing in North Carolina page.

Check out the South Carolina Real Estate Commission website, and our Licensing in South Carolina page.

What do I need to do to receive my license in NC/SC if I am licensed in another state?

If you are a licensed real estate agent in another jurisdiction, we suggest you speak with the NCREC or SCLLR to receive a comprehensive answer for your specific situation. We are not the authority on each individual state’s transfer-ability and/or what classes, if any, you will need to complete. We are happy to help you complete these courses in a timely manner after you have confirmation from the REC.

What courses do you offer?

We offer synchronous (live online) Prelicense, Postlicense and Continuing Education courses, as well as asynchronous (at-your-own-pace) Prelicensing, Postlicense & Continuing Education courses, in North Carolina.

We also offer (live online) Prelicense for Real Estate Salespersons (Unit I), Advanaced Real Estate Principals (Unit II), and Continuing Education courses, in our South Carolina.

What is required to take a synchronous (live) online course?

You will need stable internet connection (wired via Ethernet is recommended), working webcam and microphone, and students CANNOT log in on a mobile device or tablet; Please read our Policies and Procedures Disclosure for more information. Students will need to sign up for a FREE account and download the app onto their laptop or desktop computer.

How do I register for a course?

All registration should be done online to ensure our instructors have all of your information and to reserve your seat. We do not take any credit card or banking account information over the phone, or through text/email, for your protection. View the video below for detailed directions to purchase our LIVE courses.

If you are needing asynchronous PRE, POST or CE you will do so through our RECampus portal: HERE. You will create an account with RECampus and complete these within their system – we will submit your passing and send a certificate of completion after you are done.

How do I make my second payment and when is it due?

Second payment can be paid using the same process as your deposit. Choose your course, use the drop-down menu to pick “second payment” and proceed to check out. (Check out video above.) Second payments are due by, or on, the first day of class.

Who are the instructors? I want to take a class with a specific instructor, where do I find their classes?

Check out our instructor page!

What is required to take an asynchronous (at-your-own-pace) course?

If live classes aren’t fitting your schedule, you may benefit from a course that is “at-your-own-pace.” RECampus is hosting our courses, so you will need to have an account with them. You and the school will receive an email from REcampus upon completion. At that time the school will report your completion to the Commission and you will be sent a Certificate of Completion (during business hours). These classes will need to be done on a tablet, desktop or laptop – please check their FAQS & Tech Requirements

PRElicnese Courses:
North Carolina 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course v1.0 – $399

North Carolina 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course v1.0 – $450 [course & Qbank bundle]

POSTlicense Courses:
North Carolina 90-Hour Postlicensing Course Package – $480

301: Broker Relationships and Responsibilities Online Video Course v1.0 – $180

302: Contracts and Closing Online Video Course v1.0 – $180

303: Laws, Rules, and Legal Concepts Online Video Course v1.0 – $180

CE Electives:

Everyday Ethics in Real Estate v2.1

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales v5.0

Millennials: Challenging the Traditional Real Estate Model

Property Management and Managing Risk v5.0

The Truth About Mold v3.1

Twenty Cost Effective Home Improvements

Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges v3.0

Water: How it Affects Property Online Video Course v1.0

Do I have to be at my computer for the scheduled live session or can I log in any time I’d like?

For our synchronous (live) courses, students will need to be logged in during the scheduled course times to be tracked for your attendance and have audio/video capabilities. Zoom tracks this attendance to the minute, you must be logged on the required time to pass this course. Before we submit you passing to the NCREC we double-check the Zoom minutes to confirm you attended the required time.

How do I log in to a synchronous course? How do I log in for an asynchronous course?

We will provide students with information prior to the start of class, around 5 days before start date. It may not be instantaneous, as we manual update rosters and send out emails to students. If you do not receive login information by the day before, please reach out via email: This email will provide a Zoom registration page, and once completed, Zoom will send a confirmation email with log in. Click the link to be taken to the course.

If you are taking an asynchronous course you will need to log into the RECampus portal with the account you created HERE.

How will I get my book and class materials?


  • For Prelicense LIVE courses
    We will be issuing a redemption code for an e-book from the publisher in the week before class starts. These e-books have many beneficial features such as read-aloud, flashcards, highlighting and more. Although we are still not providing the hard copy of the books, you can purchase one straight from the publisher HERE. We will also utilize Dropbox for all course materials, math workbook, and exam prep – printing these items is NOT required, but we recommend having lots of note paper available during class or study time.
  • For Prelicense At-Your-Own-Pace courses – no book or additional items required to complete this course. If you would like to purchase a physical or e-book, adding them during check out is the most affordable option.
  • Postlicense live and AYOP courses – You can purchase a physical book directly from the NCREC or choose the electronic version in a yearly subscription. We will also ulitilze Dropbox for all the in course materials and packets you would normally receive in class; no additional materials sent for AYOP.
  • Continuing Education LIVE in NC you will be provided a PDF of your booklet.


  • For Unit I (Prelicense), the publisher does not have an e-book to distribute. Sam Hassell will be shipping these to you for arrival before the first day of class.
  • The Unit II book will be sent electronically, as that is one we created ourselves.
  • Continuing Education in SC you will be provided a copy of your booklets via your welcome email

What are the tuition costs? What does tuition include?

NC Prelicense is $399 which can be split into two payments of $150 and $249 (due by the first day of class). Repeat students pay a discounted fee of $150. Auditing students are those who have already passed the course and are not planning to receive credit – a “refresher” course to prep for the exam only. At-your-own-pace course is a one-time payment of $399, or $450 when chosing the bundle.
Postlicense Full course is $180, returning students course cost is $160. If you are a retake student, for a specific course, the fee is only $50. AYOP courses are $180 each or $480 for the bundle.
Continuing Education LIVE courses are $49 each. RECampus At-Your-Own-Pace is $55/course, electives only

SC Prelicense is $375 which can be split into two payments of $150 and $225 (due by the first day of class).
Our Postlicense (Unit II: Advanced Real Estate Principles course) is $275 which can consist of a $150 down payment and $125 second payment (due by the first day of class). Our courses are very competitively priced, and we do not offer any discounts at this time.
Continuing Education courses are priced at $10/hour

Tuition for a live course includes your book/e-book, worksheets, packets, and an awesome instructor who will prepare you to pass that test!

What discounts do you offer? Do you take MyCAA or other Financial Aid?

We offer a returning student discount on the 3 (live) required Postlicense courses in NC. When you take your Prelicense course with us, and all 3 Postlicense courses, you will save $60 off our already competitively priced tuition.

Sorry, we are not compatible with MyCAA or most conventional “Financial Aid” as a privately owned school. Some programs may utilize checks for payment, which we are able to accept. Please check with your program to see if you can utilize it for our school.

What schedules do you offer?

We offer day, evening, and weekend courses; and there may be some variety of each of those categories as well. Check our website to see what the exact schedules per class will be.

AYOP course do not have a schedule; you complete them as quickly or can take the full time accessible (30 days for continuing education or 180 day for PRE/POST).

Can I miss a class?

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires students to meet a minimum attendance in order to take the end of course exams and pass the course. For Prelicensing you are able to miss 20%, or 15 hours max. For Postlicensing & Continuing Education courses you are only able to miss 10%, or up to 3 hours and 20 minutes repectively. There is no “make up” time in NC should you miss more than the allowed time. Students should be responsible of their time, not surprised when they are given a warning or told they have surpassed the allowed time.

In South Carolina you are required to attend 100% of class time and pass all quizzes and exams.

What is your refund policy/how do I get a refund?

A student may withdraw from the Broker Prelicensing or a Postlicensing course by giving written notice to the School prior to the start of the course. In such event, the student will have the following options: Receive a full refund or transfer to a different class.

A student that terminates enrollment in a Prelicensing or Postlicensing course either with written notice to the School or by no longer attending a course on or after the first class will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of paid Tuition. No refunds will be made after STUDENT completes the first scheduled class. STUDENT understands that withdrawal after the first class does not allow a refund, but does allow STUDENT to re-enroll in another course within six (6) months from the scheduled start of the forfeited course, based on available classes and seating. There will be a $150 Administrative Transfer Fee for Prelicense and $50 Administrative Transfer Fee for Postlicense to re-enroll in another class. This reenrollment privilege will be applied only to the first withdrawn course. STUDENT may be required to buy a new textbook/workbook if the previous edition has become outdated. Any STUDENT not receiving a passing grade on the Prelicense End-of-Course Examination may retake the course one time within twelve (12) months for a $150 “returning pre-licensing student” fee.

What do I do if a course is "out of stock" on the website?

If a course is “out of stock” we have already closed registration for this class, but need to leave it up until all second payements can be made. We leave registration open until the day before a class starts, so be sure to sign up on time!

If you think the course is out of stock in error (we do make mistakes) please let us know at making sure to include the class title and start date.

Can I come in and talk to someone in person?

We understand that you need to get all your questions answered before you make a big decision, but we also know you like the lower cost of tuition. We do not have brick-and-mortar offices.

Should you want to speak to someone over the phone, our admin is happy to return your call when you leave a voicemail with us at our company number: (910) 202-2845 (this is only for voicemails which our Admin will return) or reach out via email:

When do I need to have my Postlicense courses completed?

In NC you will need to complete your Postlicense courses within 18 months of receiving your license. You must be issued a license before enrolling in a Postlicense course. Check here for the NCREC Licensing FAQ.

In SC you must take the Advanced Principles of Real Estate Course (Unit II) before you’re issued a South Carolina Real Estate License. You may take the advanced course prior to taking the state exam, but the Pre-licensing Course covers everything you need to know for the exam.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and personal check (please contact us at if wanting to send a check). We are not compatibile with most forms of financial aid.

Where can I follow you on Social Media?

We utilize FacebookInstagram, YouTube and Twitter.

What additional study aides do you recommend?

North Carolina

Our YOUTUBE Page! Math, Study tips, and Test-Taking Stategy videos available for all students.

Complete North Carolina Real Estate Drill & Practice QBank v4.0 – $99.00
Prepare for your exam with thousands of questions designed to mimic the exam.

North Carolina Real Estate Drill & Practice QBank v4.0 – $49.00

Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam 8e
Modern Real Estate Practice Flashcard Review 20th Edition
Mastering Real Estate Math 8th Edition Update eBook
Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know 7th Edition Update

!!!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! While preparing for your exam you should take our FREE (for SCREA students) “Exam Review” that is on the Prelicensing page on the website. Non-students pay just $25 to join these sessions.

South Carolina

Your best preparation will be to review the South Carolina Real Estate License law which you can find HERE.