While preparing for your license exam take our FREE (for SCREA students) “Exam Review” that is on the Prelicensing page on the website. Non-students pay just $25 to join these sessions.


PRE Course Syllabus Want to know what's covered in the PRElicensing course? Review the 119 page syllabus here!
North Carolina License Laws and Commission Rules 110% MUST READ! This is the majority of that pesky state portion of the license exam. Make sure you know all the ins and outs of license law and commission rules and how they can and will be applied!
Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina [RELINC] Your first stop for all things Licensing in North Carolina! Read it before class starts, during class, and after class - this is all you need to know to get your license! This will cover testable content on the state portion of the license exam as well.
North Carolina Real Estate License Exam Prep - PDF Version Recommended by recent students who passed the license exam, this $18 book has tons of practice questions to review! National Principles & Law Key Point Review (60 pages) Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice (20 pages) North Carolina-Specific Laws and Regulations Key Point Review (42 pages) National Practice Tests (500 questions) North Carolina Practice Tests (130 questions) North Carolina Sample Exam (105 questions)
SCREA YouTube Page Math, Vocabulary, Study/Test Taking Strategies and North Carolina specific content with new videos added weekly! Can also watch our videos right on our website: https://www.seacoastrealestateacademy.net/video-library/
CRAM for the Exam KimCo Real Estate Education Services learning materials are designed by professional real estate educators to teach examination applicants the critical content necessary to pass the North Carolina Real Estate Broker License Examination on the FIRST attempt. Awarded "Best Real Estate Education Product of the Year" in 2021 by NCREEA!
Learn Test Pass Practice Exams Click the picture and sign up for FREE 90-day access for comprehensive National and State Exams with question banks, so each test is a little different. You can also purchase other exam prep courses at https://www.learntestpass.com/
RECampus Q-Bank Want to quiz yourself to see how prepared you are for the licensing exam? This QBank gives you the freedom to fit studying into your lifestyle through custom quizzes concentrating on your problem areas identified by the performance tracker. When you are ready, take a simulated exam to put your knowledge to the test. $99 You will also find a North Carolina Only version for $49.