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North Carolina:
The Broker Pre-licensing Course is your first step to a new career in real estate! It includes 75 hours of instruction in basic real estate principles and practices. You will learn about property ownership, real estate law, transfer of title, title insurance, financing, brokerage relationships, closings, valuation, property management, taxation, fair housing, mathematics, and sales contracts and practices. At the end of the course is a required test. You must pass this test with a minimum grade in order to qualify to take the real estate license examination.

Tuition is $399. That includes the textbook, math workbook, and a comprehensive study guide. Students can reserve a seat with a $150 deposit. The remaining balance of $249 will be due by the first class. Returning students will pay $150.

South Carolina:

The Prelicensing for Real Estate Salespersons (Unit 1) is a 60 hour course that will provide you with basic real estate knowledge to pass the licensing exam. This course will provide you instruction in basic real estate principles and practices. You will learn about real property, governmental controls and laws affecting real estate, pricing of real properties, real estate finance, settlement/closing, agency and other brokerage relationships, contracts, & ethics. At the end of the course, you’ll qualify to take the real estate license examination.

Tuition is $350 and will include your textbook. Students can reserve a seat with a $150 deposit. The remaining balance is due by the first day of class.

To register, select a course below. Have a question or unable to pay online? Contact us.

Additional Study Aides

Complete North Carolina Real Estate Drill & Practice QBank v4.0 – $99.00
Prepare for your exam with thousands of questions designed to mimic the exam.
Get the practice you need to pass the North Carolina and national portions of the PSI Real Estate exam. You have access to thousands of current and accurate questions designed to mimic the exam. You will be able to pinpoint problem areas, create custom quizzes, and focus on the topics you need to study the most.
BONUS! It follows Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina and North Carolina 75-Hour Broker Prelicensing Course unit-by-unit, making this a convenient companion product for additional classroom study or for independent study for the prelicensing course.

Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam 8e

Modern Real Estate Practice Flashcard Review 20th Edition

Mastering Real Estate Math 8th Edition Update eBook

Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know 7th Edition Update


Based on 86 reviews
Gaby is phenomanal. She does a great job at explaining all the material that will be on the exam! She also does a very good job at answering all the questions you may have.
Rixi Sandoval
Great experience taking all three of my post licensing classes! Personable and knowledgeable instructors.
Jodi Crumpler Realtor
Class was full on but Gaby did an amazing job of explaining all the topics . I would recommend Gaby and Sea coast academy to anyone
Guia Baselli
Alison was awesome! I will definitely try to take other classes with her. I came from SC and could have gone to schools closer but it was worth the drive.
Christy Davis
Georgetta Hamilton
Gabriela is awesome! She tells you exactly what you need to study in order to pass and I really enjoyed going to the classes. They flew by and didn't feel long at all!
Taking a real estate night class between Thanksgiving and Christmas is quite stressful, but Gabriela Clontz and the SeaCoast Real Estate Academy made learning enjoyable and efficient. I felt very prepared for the written exam at the end of class and was very confident going to take the computerized Commission exam. Gabriela has a beautiful, witty personality (and patience) which makes the night classes fast-paced and enjoyable. She gave us great outline notes, class quizzes, and a lot of math help, all of which prepared us nicely for passing the exams. I will return to SeaCoast Real Estate Academy for future educational opportunities, and I am looking forward to Gabriela Clontz being an instructor for post licensing, as I learned quite well from her bank of knowledge.
Adonna Pipkin
Education and preparation is the key to success in every career. Sea Coast Academy provides the essential foundation for taking the NC Real Estate exam and created a collaborative environment where the students also challenged each other to achieve a deeper knowledge of the material. After taking the Sea Coast Academy final exam my confidence was high and made the NC State Exam seem easy! That's when I realized just how much I benefited from choosing the "right" place to start my Real Estate Career.PS Passed the first time and finished fast!
Tom O'Laughlin
Excellent instruction and great folks to work with
Grant Davis
My whole experience in Sea Coast Real Estate Academy has been fantastic. From my wonderful & knowledgeable instructor Ann Hughes, to Brian Moxey who help me from the beginning when I call him to find out more about the school. I feel very prepared for my future in Real Estate thanks to Sea Coast Academy.Thank you sincerely,Jumi
Judmirla Krishna
Sea Coast is a excellent school, flexible hours, Sam Hassell is a great teacher, I recommend this school it’s one of the best in South Carolina...⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
oSettings NV
Sea Coast Realty picked a superb instructor in Gabriela. She brings so much personality and first hand experience to the classroom. If you're looking for a fun and engaging place to start your Real Estate career, give Gabriela and the Sea Coast Real Estate Academy a shot.Thanks again Gabriela!!!
Joshua Sedbrook
I just finished my pre-licensing class today, and I have to say it was a great experience. I learned so much, and I did very well on the test. Gabriela Klontz was the instructor, and she was amazing. She really helped prepare us for the test. I will definitely return to Seacoast for post-licensing.
Renee Sloan
I just finished and passed the pre- licensing course at Sea Coast Realty and I highly recommend it! I was very nervous about completing and passing, but Gabriela Clontz was an amazing instructor, who throughly went over the material necessary to accomplish the course successfully!
SG Grace
Chloe Kulakowski
I recently completed the pre licensing course and highly recommend this school. We were given great highlights and areas to focus on while studying​. Our teacher, Gabriela, was very good at explaining the material and focused on key terms. She also made sure we understood the process, and not just test material. We were thoroughly informed of the steps we needed to take for things like our background checks etc. After completing this course I was prepared and informed about who to contact to schedule state exams and what would be required of me moving forward. I will certainly use Sea Coast for my CE classes.
krystle dorman
My wife and I both took the pre-licensing course here and it was a great experience. I highly recommend Gabriela Clontz as an instructor. She's knowledgeable, friendly, professional and taught us what we needed to know to pass this difficult class!
Glenn Caton
Luv Sea Coast Real Estate Academy! Gabrielle is an awesome instructor and keeps it interesting. She brings in ppl in all specialtits to make sure we get the correct info that will best serve us will we are finding that perfect home for our buyers. Highly recommended!
Cindy Toler
I recently completed the Pre-licensing Course taught by Alison Keller. The experience was a good one. Relevant instruction and prepared me well for passing both the class and NC State exam 10 days later. I would recommend Sea Coast Real Estate School to anyone seeking a good experience.
Keith Eades
Great course, Gabriela is a wonderful instructor! I came away well prepared for both the state and national exams as well as having a thorough understanding of real estate in North Carolina.
Tyler B
I took Brian Moxy's Seacoast Academy pre-licensing course instructed by Allison Keller and had a wonderful experience. Great location. Great class. Allison was very helpful and always available! Would definitely recommend taking your real estate classes here!
montana Wynant
Very Fun, Informative, and knowledgeable. Sam Hassell Is a Wonderful teacher. i would recommend this school to anyone looking to get into this field.
Chris DiFranco
Alison was an excellent instructor who knew the material and was committed to helping us be successful to pass the test
Lindsay Marhold
A great class to participate in if your career choice is real estate! I just graduated from the weekend class...everyone is very friendly and eager to help you succeed, they give you plenty of information regarding the market and education, and Gabriela was a fantastic instructor. I would definitely recommend this to friends, family, and anyone interested in succeeding in a very competitive industry.
Backwoodz Productions
Great pre-license course! Alison Keller was a great instructor and I would take more classes with her.
Claira Kelly
I loved the zoom formate if this class. I received the link and BicUp book in advanced. It was easy to log on and join the class. Donna our instructor was great! There were time for questions. I will definitely take more classes with Sea Coast Real Estate Academyand recommend you do too.
Cathi Anderson
Gina Rabassi
Sam is a Great instructor. This class has taught me a lot in such a little bit of time. Sam made it easy to understand through his verbal illustrations as well as drawn out illustrations. He answered each classmate's question thoroughly as if the whole class had asked it. As seasoned and experienced in real estate as Sam is, he has a great ability to speak to a beginner on a beginner's level. I call it, he takes a whole loaf of bread and breaks it into pieces to be digested (understood). Hope that makes sense. The class materials are truly excellent in learning SC Law, Federal Law, Federal Fair Housing Act Law, South Carolina Fair Housing Law, ADA law, National Environmental Policy Act, Real Estate. It also expounded greatly on Civil Rights and Discrimination concerning Real Estate for South Carolina. I could list so much more but my point is that this School is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to learn and be licensed in the state of South Carolina. Sam is true asset to this school. I hope you would consider Sea Coast Real Estate School.
Larry Bryant
I just finished my prelicensing course with Gabby. She is an amazing instructor. I felt confident in the material and passed my test! Seacoast is a great school with wonderful people, and a beautiful building. Brian, the owner, is very welcoming and even hands out candy!! I appreciated all of the encouragement and positivity here. I will definitely be back for my post licensing courses!
Jordyn Zimmerman
The teachers are super helpful and are very eager to help us understand every concept needed to become a good real estate broker
Pilar Chavarria
The instructors for the pre-.license and post-license classes are very good and make the classes very interesting, especially Gabriela and PJ
Kathryn Eaton
Well taught class, and the instructor even followed up after the course with answers to any questions that were not covered by the material. Highly recommend.
Corey Bullock
Really enjoyed it. Met some great people, and was prepared for the state test. Passed everything the 1st time.
Justin Snider
What's up Nate! And all my other classmates in the jan 2017 class. I must say Gabriella is an awesome teacher. If you want to pass the class your first try you have to take it Gabriella, she is awesome. She does a great job at presenting the material, explaining the hard to grasp concepts, and takes the time with everyone to make sure he/she understands the information. You can really tell she cares about being a real estate instructor and wants each and every one of her students to pass the first time. If you are in the Wilmington and wanting to take the prelicensing class sign up with Gabriella, she'll get through it.
kelly price
I just completed my pre-licensing class and I am very happy I chose Sea Coast Academy. I am very grateful for having Alison Keller as my instructor. She always kept the class interesting and it is evident she truly cares about her students. She is a great instructor and I forever will be thankful for the role she had in my journey of this new career I have chosen.
Josie Bald
Have really enjoyed pre and post licensing classes with Gabby. She makes sure you get the info you need and not bogged down with the info you don't. She keeps her classes positive and upbeat. Really cannot recommend her enough!
Nory Simoneaux
Gabriela is a great instructor! Hope to take many more courses with her as instructor!!
Linda Liederbach
Sea Coast Real Estate Academy is a wonderful place to take the pre-licensing course. The information is presented in a meaningful and relevant manner that prepares students for the in-class exam and the computer exam. Choosing Sea Coast for pre-licensing was, hands down, the best decision to help me venture into my new career!
Melissa McGhee
Seacoast Realty school thoroughly prepared me to pass the National exam and begin my Real Estate career. My instructor, Gabriela Clontz, went above and beyond to provide personal attention and incredible advice. I highly recommend!
Allison Thomas
Difficult course, but Gabriela was an excellent instructor! She took the time to answer our questions, and made my pre-licensing class a success.
John Swift
I have enjoyed my educational experiences with Sea Coast immensely. The instructors were knowledgeable and really cared about the students. I have taken pre-licensing and post-licensing courses at the academy and have always walked away confident in my newfound knowledge. The instructors were readily available for additional assistance and worked as hard as their students. I would highly recommend Sea Coast for all your real estate educational needs.
Catherine Lea
Took the prelicense course from Sea Coast Real Estate Academy and was impressed with the professionalism and delivery of the instructor Gabriela Clontz. She made it easy to learn a fire hose of information in a short period of time and had me prepared to pass the in class exam. The facilities were clean and comfortable. I will definitely think of Sea Coast Real Estate Academy for my future real estate education needs!
Jim Fuhs
Knocked out another post licensing class! This was the most useful and helpful class! I feel much more confident with contracts and CD. Donna made it a fun learning environment and I always learn something new with every class.
cynthia Urquhart
Melinda Llanio
It is always a pleasure when I take a class with Sea Coast Real Estate Academy. Whether it’s post licensing, continuing education, or any other real estate class, you know you’re always dealing with personable professionals. Donna Chase is dedicated to this job and it shines through to her students each day. She is knowledgeable, approachable and always shoots it straight. Brian Moxey is as accommodating as can be and does everything he can to ensure 100% satisfaction. This is truly one above the rest. You will always walk away more educated and more confident as a Broker..... and not to mention much more of a network.
Adam Serrano
Gabi is an excellent instructor and wants the best for all her students. I highly recommend taking prelicensing with her and to also return for post because that's what I am doing! Overall a great class and I'm super happy to have had her.
Alyssa Castro
Great course. Our instructor, Ann Hughes, was wonderful - she truly cared about us and made the class fun. It is a very intense few weeks of instruction, but her knowledge of the material and way of teaching helped me pass both the class test and NC exam. I would recommend Sea Coast Real Estate Academy to anyone looking to get into real estate.
Keri Lord
Sea Coast Academy is the only place to go for your NC pre-brokerage training if you want in-depth instruction by very qualified and engaging educators. It had been 20 years since I was in a classroom environment but my instructor Gabriella made me feel very comfortable in learning the material and did so in an engaging way that made the material not seem so foreign. Sea Coast Academy has a tried and true system to make sure I was prepared to pass my boards as I did my very first try. Thank you Gabriella and Brian for providing such a great service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to become a NC real estate broker and for any post licensing education.
Dan Barentine
Wonderful learning experience and so happy Gabriela's guidance helped me through a tough class!
Kelli Lazzaro
Donna is STELLAR! She and her team quickly adapted to the unprecedented environment and successfully engaged all participants.
Just finished my post classes with Donna chase and Angela Brady ! Classes was fun and I learned so much ! I am more Confident in my real estate journey ! Having other professionals come talk to the class was very helpful as well ! Break out groups and exercises was very much needed ! We did all of this on zoom it was just like a real live class room !
Megan Dawson
It's a tremendous amount of info crammed into 6 weeks, but Gabriela Clontz & Sea Coast have got you covered! Attention to detail & to students on an individual basis if it's needed. I couldn't have been more pleased; will absolutely recommend this company & Gabriela.
Danita Ensley
Took my pre-licensing course here and had an amazing experience! The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and really listened to all our questions. They were very accommodating when it came to rescheduling classes because of the hurricane (Irma) and took into account all of our needs and life outside the classroom. I highly recommend Sea Coast Real Estate Academy if anyone is thinking about getting their real estate license!
Michelle Haynes
Sarah Hunter
I had such an amazing experience! I had Alison Keller as an instructor and she is AMAZING! She makes the class interesting with her own anecdotes, but also makes sure that you are learning the material. She definitely made me feel prepared to pass the class and the real estate test. I’d recommend Sea Coast Advantage and Alison to any one looking to get their license.
Heather Martin
Great learning atmosphere!!
Jack Frommelt
Shane Lancaster
Very comfortable learning atmosphere at Sea Coast Academy. Gabrielas teaching format appeals to every type of learner. Smooth sailing baby!
Sandra Chisholm
I had a great experience at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy. The instructor was knowledgeable and professional, dedicated to help you pass the exam. Highly recommended!
Tom B
I just completed the pre-licensing course at Sea Coast RE Academy and I can honestly say that my experience was so much better than I ever expected. My teacher, Gabby Clontz, made my life changing decision to pursure real estate a really positive one. She gave us everything we needed to pass the exam and went above and beyond to make sure we understood the tremendous amount of information being thrown at us in such a short period of time. She offered tutoring in her own spare time, was always available after class to work with us one on one and made sure we knew exactly what to expect come exam time. She made what most people might consider a terrifying, intimidating experience, super comfortable as well as a lot of fun. I'm beyond excited to have passed the exam, but will miss that class at the same time. Not only did I learn an incredible amount of info regarding real estate, but I also learned a lot about myself. I made some great new friends who I know I'll continue to keep in contact with, one of which is Gabby. Thanks for a great experience Sea Coast!
Christy Stewart
Took pre-licensure class in Jacksonville, NC and it was a great experience. Hurricane Florence caused a few weekend classes to be cancelled but the instructor was very accommodating to ensure each student received all the class material to complete the course. Will definitely take more courses from this real estate school.
Kerry Quinn
Laura Beery
Spent 90 hours with Sam Hassell and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher/experience. He did such a great job keeping everyone engaged and preparing us for the exams. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Adam Minihane
I echo the reviews left by my fellow students who took the Real Estate Licensing Course from Gabriela Clontz. She was an outstanding teacher who kept us engaged and motivated through a lot of material. I feel prepared to be a successful broker and look forward to continuing my education at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy with Gabriela.
Beth Ann Scisco
Ann Hughes is an amazing instructor. Will return for more classes.
Penny Jones
Jeremy Denny
Various methods of media for teaching. No reading text books, all information associated to real life situations. Not boring at all. Extra bonus speakers from vendors in the business.
Taking continuing ed classes typically isn’t fun.. I’ll have to say that the course was both entertaining and helpful in discussions . For a class for continuing ed , I’ll never go anywhere else
Pete Mairs
Regulations and expectations were laid out clearly. Material was covered thoroughly with plenty of study guides. I would recommend this school and teacher to anyone needing to take their real estate license exam. I will be returning for post licensing classes.
Derek Davis
Hey. I completed my CU and Course Elective with Seacoast Academy. Donna Chase, the instructor, made the course informational. Her personality made watching “paint dry” quite entertaining. Seacoast Next Year. Thanks
Pat Augie
tinku. mishra
Alison Keller did an outstanding job preparing students to take the internal class test in preparation for National/State Exam.
Knot Oncall
Sea Coast REA has the most affordable classes and the best instructors. It is a bit far for me to drive, but due to COVID, I found this gem and was able to take Post classes online. Gabriela was very informative, interactive, and it wasn't a long dry class. I wish I would have found this sooner. Recommending to anyone and everyone who has classes to complete!
Amanda Sutton
I took the pre-licensing course at SeaCoast Real Estate Academy with Gabriela. The amount of material was overwhelming, but Gabriela got us through every bit of it, and was great at stressing the most important aspects. I passed the in-class exam, and both the national and state portions of the licenising exam on my first try! I would and will definitely recommend SeaCoast Real Estate Academy and Gabriela Clontz.
Katie SZ
I have take a couple of different classes at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy and have been please with each class! The instructors were knowledgeable, fun, and interesting. I also liked the location, the building was clean and comfortable and I felt very safe leaving at night.I highly recommend Sea Coast Real Estate Academy!
Frankie Sechrist
Wendi Claw
I recently completed the pre licensing course and would recommend Sea Coast to anyone who is considering taking the class. The facilities were well equipped, clean, and conveniently located. The instructor, Gabriela, was friendly, knew the material very well, and enjoyed teaching. The text book was large and a little overwhelming at first, however, she helped the class to focus on what was important to learn and necessary to pass the exams.
Shelley L
The instructor Sam Hassell made this course very enjoyable, and explained all the concepts completely and concisely. I would recommend this course to anyone wanted to get their license in North or South Carolina. Thank you Sam!
erin healy
Gabriela Clontz did a great job keeping the class engaged and was very knowledgeable on all of the material. She always had answers to the questions the class had or knew exactly where to go to get them. The location was very convenient and the staff was excellent. I'd recommend Sea Coast and especially Gabriela to anybody.
Erica Parker
I am quite satisfied with the recent pre-licensing class I just completed with Gabriela. Although overwhelming, Gabriela was phenomenal at mining out the key phrases and important theories for each topic we were studying so that we would understand them forwards and backwards. Which was essential come test time. She made the class enjoyable through the mundane. Her real world knowledge was very helpful. Her teaching style was exemplary. She made a terrifying experience enjoyable.
Nathan Graff
Great Awesome school the times are flexible to fit around your schedule. Gabriella the instructor is amazing.
Bella Baddy
I'm so glad that I took my pre-licensing class through Sea Coast Real Estate Academy. Gabriela was a wonderful instructor! She was able to explain complex material in easier to understand terms and really helped prepare us for the exams.
Dani Landers
Gabriela Clontz was an amazing instructor! Her energy and enthusiasm made the class an enjoyable experience, and her knowledge and straightforward teaching style made it easy to learn. I feel very fortunate to have had her for my instructor. I can't imagine that anyone could have done a better job!
Adelia Spivey
Lauren Frick
Narshingh goswami
I had a great experience taking my Real Estate classes here! I was working full time and going to school 3 nights a week for 3+ hours. Needless to say it wasn't easy! However, with the encouragement from our instructor and from other classmates in the same situation, it helped tremendously. Our instructor also empathized with our situation and would spice things up when our fried brains couldn't think! When I took the class test, I felt very prepared & knew exactly what I needed to study-I PASSED! And I also passed the State test on the first attempt!
April Swafford

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