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Prelicensing Classes

Take the first step to earning your real estate license with our dedicated courses designed to ready you for the real estate exam. In North Carolina you will complete 75 hours, and in South Carolina you will complete 60 hours. Start your new career here!

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Postlicensing Classes

Congratulations on successfully completing the real estate prelicensing course and passing your NC or SC state exams! Enroll now to take your required post licensing course work while delving deeper into the world of real estate and learning from your peers.

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Continuing Education Classes

Staying current with real estate laws and regulations is an important part of being a licensed real estate agent! Sea Coast Real Estate Academy's continuing education coursework will keep your license active. We provide live and at-your-own-pace courses!

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Not sure where to start? Learn about licensing requirements in your state and our Frequently Asked Questions.

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For over 20 years, Sea Coast Real Estate Academy has been providing a quality education for those wanting to obtain a real estate license and continue their learning. We look forward to helping you do the same. Our goal is to provide a comfortable setting, dynamic teachers, and experience you’ll find valuable.

About us

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We have upcoming Prelicensing courses in North & South Carolina. Already passed the real estate exam? We can help you complete the required hours of Postlicensing courses. Just need to complete your required continuing education? We have you covered there too.

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Sea Coast Real Estate Academy
Based on 321 reviews
Such a great instructors and school! I took all 3 post classes here! Jeremy Letchworth kept the class engaged and made learning the material easy! Seth Chauncey kept the class entertained with stories, interactive games, and break out rooms! Kika was very knowledgeable of the material and helped us understand what we were learning and navigate through the learning objectives with ease!
The best real estate school with great instructors!
Completed my CE through them and it was great. Jason uses his real world experiences to help explain different material. That helped me immensely.
Informative, interactive, fun and uses everyday real estate to help apply knowledge.
Jason Thuringer did a great job in the BICUP virtual class. He kept us all engaged with questions and anecdotes. Very enjoyable and informative. I highly recommend him as a CE trainer.
Passed the test with Rob Grantmyre as the teacher. Be prepared to invest all your free time to learn a lot of material in a short period of time if you take the one month course. The book is 877 pages! If I had known that going into it, probably would have waited until I had more free time. Also, be aware that u have 2 chances to pass the test or you have to take the course again for $150.Rob was very professional, entertaining, engaging, and detailed about what we would be tested on. Took the time to answer all questions thrown at him without slowing the tempo down. Karyn was there checking for attendance, but was also quick to respond to any questions about the Zoom program and Sea Coast facts. Great experience. Thank you Seacoast Academy and staff!
Seth Chauncey is the best instructor. Presents the material in an entertaining way and is extremely knowledgeable.
Fantastic!! I took pre licensing and all my post licensing courses with Sea Coast and it was great!! I went from having no license to being a full broker in 3 months!! My instructor for 3 of the 4 courses were with Seth and he is just an amazing teacher!! I also had Carly and she was great as well!! Highly recommend!!!
Mr. Grantmyre is the best teacher! Mr. Grantmyre and Sea Coast had so many resources to offer it's almost impossible to not pass the exam. So glad I attended this school!
I just attended Seacoast Real Estate School for my post licensing classes. The instructor was fabulous, she went over the material in a way that made it easy to understand. The whole class appeared prepared for the test. I did great on the exam and I would recommend Seacoast to anyone searching for a real estate school.Anytime I had questions, they responded to me the same day.Joseph Opera
Sea Coast Academy and instructor Jason Thuringer are an excellent choice to do any real estate education in NC.
The instructor was awesome! I will take the update with her again if I have an opportunity. Thanks so much!
Great class, engaging and fun!
Instructor Jason was very informative and class flew by.
Fabulous Class, she kept my attention through the entire class.
My instructor Seth Chauncey exceeded my expectations as a teacher by providing me with not only the information needed to pass my class but with resources and strategies to improve my real estate business!
Professional and learned a lot!
Absolutely create School with very knowledgeable instructors and moderators. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful with all information asked or needed. And a massive shout out to Mr. Seth Chauncey for being the best instructor and Judson Cooper for helping him run one of the best classes I have ever been in. Despite being a very challenging subject, Mr. Chauncey was very informative on the subjects at hand and was able to go over all the information in timely organized manor with enough time for review. He was very interactive along with Mr cooper (who very off subject has the best Yoshi paintings ever) . If you are looking into Real estate I 100% recommend this school because you will get the best experience you could ask for.
The professionalism and knowledge of the teacher, Sam Hassell, was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend him for any classes. The quality and availability of materials were very helpful.
If you want to take the RE Course I recommend Sea Coast Real Estate Academy! They have morning and night classes along with weekend classes. The course is affordable! I would definitely recommend Sam Hassell as your Real Estate instructor. He is great at explaining the material that we need in order to pass our final class exam. He is great at answering everyone's questions! I can't wait to take my Post-Licensing classes with him!
Great Instructors and very pertinent and focused coursework!
great online live training
Excelente class and Excellent instructor
Carly is a great instructor, always willing to answer questions.
Both Michael Jordan and Tom Brady agree - Sam Hassell is the real GOAT! Quite possibly the greatest instructor since Aristotle - you'll have no problem passing your post-licensing class - they call him Sam "No" Hassell for a reason! Keep making Jersey proud, Sam!!
I have used Sea Coast Real Estate Academy for several courses and find them to provide a great experience each time. Carly Davis is an excellent instructor who provides all the information with an interesting delivery and respects your time commitment in the process. Great value, great instructor, great overall provider of educational requirements by the NCREC.
Seth is the best teacher I have ever had. He keeps you engaged and goes through the material in a quick but efficient manner. Online class is hard but he made it way better. I passed first try because of him.
It was a great class with a lot of good information
Carly Davis did an amazing job as the instructor. Very Professional!!
Great BICUP class with Seth! Thank you Sea Coast!
Great Job!
Affordable and professional
Alex sets the bar! She's highly responsive, supportive and incredibly helpful. Many SED, ACC and Big12 schools could learn a thing or two from Alex when it comes to customer service, support and setting students up for success.
Jason is a great instructor. Makes the subject interesting!
Seth was a great instructor! Really helped me to understand everything I needed to know about real estate. He and Judson made a great team as instructor and moderator. I would highly recommend them!
Complete and informative
Jason Thuringer was a great instructor- kept the class engaged and very informative!
Mr. Grantmyre was my instructor and he was awesome! He was able to convey the material in a way that was relatable and easy to understand. Everyone else I spoke to was incredibly helpful as well.
One of the best online classes I've experienced! Karyn done a great job and Seth was AWESOME!!!
Kika James did an EXCELLENT job!!! She kept her class engaged!!! Very knowledgeable! Shared personal experiences with the class!!! Take her class you will be glad you did!!!
Excellent instructor !! I passed my test in first time only after Seth's study sessions.
Sea Coast Academy was great at working with my schedule and letting me change classes when my schedule changed. Seth Chauncey was a great instructor that made class fun.
Jason Thuringer was fantastic for my genup course. Informative and entertaining.
Great, informative class. Jason keeps the class moving and initiates good, relevant discussions.
Great BICUP class with Jason Thuringer. It is great to get these education classes online!
Great class!
Great instructor! Make class fun and very informative. Can't be the cost either :)
Well I'm a Non Provisional Broker now. Sakika Mitchell taught my last post class I needed, Post 303. I took Prelicensing and all my post courses right here at Seacoast. Kika exhibited a passion to teach the material, a genuine desire to make sure no one in the class was left behind and a can do attitude that I truly enjoyed. Thanks for making the last class as good as the first Kika.
Carly did a fantastic job of explaining CEU and making it interesting. Would definitely take her classes again!
Good class. Jason covered the material very well and added some real world comments. I liked that part especially.
Was a great class. Instructor was very knowledgable of subject matter and information.
Love the teachers and their level of professionalism!
Great training with enthusiasm.
Alison Keller was a phenomenal instructor. I had a great experience with the class!
Great class! The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to understand and follow.
Always a pleasure to sit in Jason's classes. The majority of my GENUP classes have been through Sea Coast Real Estate Academy and I can truly say that the instructors are top notch and there to help you succeed in your real estate business.
Best place to get your CE!!
Seth Chauncey best teacher ever! Judson Cooper best moderator ever! The two as a team is phenomenal!!!
Jason was an awesome instructor! Made the class fun and was really great at presenting the information in a way that was easy to understand.
Great instructor
Carly was an excellent teacher and kept the Zoom CE course engaging and on track!
Great experience knowledgeable teachers
Well organized and efficient! Excellent content and resources for students. Highly recommend for pre-licensing!
Very organized class structure and knowledgeable teacher. Seth was awesome and would absolutely take any courses with him moving forward. Thank you, Sea Coast, for the great class options!
Jason did a great job keeping things interesting with personal stories and pictures.
Instructors and Alex the moderator always do such a great job teaching!
Jason was an excellent instructor! Kept our group engaged in learning the whole time. Very professional will definitely be using him again for or update and CE!

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