On the Fence Clients: Win them over

You’ve made your presentation, you have followed up, but your potential client isn’t quite ready to make the commitment to you as their agent.  There is something you can do to help sway them to your side.  It’s time to spruce up your online marketing-of yourself!

Send a Note

Once your potential client is mulling over whom to work with, it’s a great idea to send a note thanking them for meeting with you.  Offer the opportunity to answer any questions they may still have, and also lead them to whatever website you use that has reviews from past clients.  Many people want to read and hear how you have worked with past clients and your success rate in selling homes.

Building an Online Profile

It doesn’t matter what social media outlet you use, as many of those available are free along with those on certain realtor websites that you can pay for.  You can choose depending on the budget you have set for this type of marketing.

Facebook is useful because there are many members, and it’s easy for your potential clients to follow you and see your real estate related posts.  You want to be sure that if you have a personal page along with a business page, keep it professional on both.  Potential clients don’t want to read about your personal problems and partying on the weekends.

Instagram is growing in popularity in that it uses pictures to grab the users attention.  This is an excellent place to put pictures of properties you’ve sold and your listings. Remember to use a good, quality camera to take pictures that will grab people’s attention.

There are also sites such as realtor.com and Zillow that will help lead you to people that are already in the mindset to buy or sell a home.  You can also get your past clients to leave reviews on these sites.

To close the deal with a potential client, make your online presence known.  Be sure you are getting reviews from your past clients.  A good review can help you to close that deal.