How to Give Your Clients an Amazing Home Buying Experience

At the end of the day, pleasing your clients is one of the most important things you can do to be a successful real estate agent.  If they aren’t happy, you aren’t happy–and you could lose out on potential referrals in the future.  Thus, it is imperative that you do everything... Read More

How to Be the Kind of Real Estate Agent Everybody Loves

There are so many options available to prospective clients looking to buy or sell a house.  They can do it on their own, they can use a Realtor or real estate agent, or they can find a company or investor to buy their property.  With so many options available, how can... Read More

Tips for Starting Out as a New Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve completed the pre-licensing course at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy and passed your licensing exam, you are officially able to assist in real estate transactions.  Now, what should you be doing?  Here are some great tips to follow for when you are getting started as a new real estate... Read More

How to Help Your Clients Walk Away from a Bad Deal

In the house buying world, the home buying process still isn’t over for your clients once they’ve finally found a home they love.  Now, they will enter the realm of negotiations, and if they don’t get their poker face on quick, they could lose out big.  However, just because they’ve given... Read More

How to Get a Real Estate License in North Carolina

Getting your real estate license is a step in the right direction for your career and you can get that jump start right here at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy.  We offer courses for both pre-licensing and post-licensing. Getting your real estate license in North Carolina doesn’t have to be as... Read More

Tips to Help You Pass the State Real Estate Exam

If you are studying to take the state real estate exam in North Carolina, you’ll want to be well prepared before entering the exam.  Here, you’ll learn tips and tactics for tackling the test.  Good luck to you as you practice and prepare to pass the state real estate exam! Read More

How to Know if Real Estate is the Right Career for You

Being a real estate agent is a truly exciting career path.  You get to meet new people, spend a lot of time outside the office, and you get to help clients make one of the biggest decisions of their lives in buying or selling a home. But, how do you know... Read More

Where to Start Looking for Real Estate Leads

In real estate, you can’t get far if you don’t have any leads to help buy or sell a house.  Getting good leads takes time and practice, so if you’re just starting out, it can feel like you have to make something out of nothing.  In time, you’ll learn the best... Read More

Little Known Facts About Real Estate in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC offers charm and culture for both tourists and residents to enjoy. It has a thriving real estate market due to its appeal to many buyers. Learn about the little known facts about Wilmington, NC and how it affects the real estate market. Read More

A Career in Real Estate: 3 Things to Know

Doing your research before beginning your real estate career will be a big indicator of your success. Don’t jeopardize your future in real estate by beginning unprepared. Here are 3 things to know about a career in real estate. What It Means to Work for Yourself Most real estate agents are... Read More