Effective Ways to Boost Your Client Base

When first starting out in Real Estate it can be a real challenge to start from scratch and build a client base. The first few months will seem very slow and tedious.  There are some tactics you can utilize that will help you build that base more quickly. Tapping into your own strengths and developing a prospecting and marketing plan that works for you will be your best option. Use what you already know to help build your client base, or ask a seasoned agent for secrets to what they did. Here are some ways to help you get started.

Focus on the Reliable Few

It’s always a good idea to set your focus on the people that you know. Let them know by personal message or social media that you are now a real estate agent and would like to help them with their buying and selling needs.  You may have come from a previous job where you learned a great skill. Think of ways to use what you are good at to build your clientele.

Decide what type of real estate you want to sell and where. Keep your intent focused and do your research. It’s best to advertise yourself as an expert in a certain area or with certain type of sales.  If your close circle doesn’t need real estate assistance, they may know someone who does.


Real estate is not the only business that depends on referrals, but it is a large part of building your client base. The way you earn referrals is to make people remember you and remember the experience they had with you.  If a real estate transaction went well, your clients are more likely to refer your services to a friend. You will make an even bigger impression if you think of unique ways to make people feel like you are thinking of them with just a small token. A thoughtful closing gift, or keeping in touch with your buyers a few months after they have moved in, goes a long way in remembering you.

Use your everyday stops (coffee, dentist, lunch, gas) as ways to get your real estate business in people’s minds. Do something special at these places, like dropping off donuts or ice cream. When it comes time for someone there to need a real estate agent, they are most likely going to think of you.


If you are on Zillow or Yelp, ask your clients to write a review about you. A good time to ask for a review is at closing. Most people are excited at closings and are feeling very successful about the whole transaction. Positive reviews about your transactions with previous clients may be what set you apart from another agent.

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