Effective Marketing for Realtors

The first step in the real estate transaction is not showing homes, or negotiating a contract, but comes before you and your client have even begun a business relationship.  The first stage of finding new clients is to convince them to choose you as their agent.  This is when you must show them that of all the agents out there, you are the one that will best meet their needs.  If you are waiting to do this until your first meeting, you may have already missed your opportunity.  Your marketing is the first opportunity for potential clients to disqualify other agents even before you have met.  You want your future clients to think that they have no other option but to work with you because of what you have to offer.  This is done through effective marketing.

Be First Rather than Better

It’s not necessary to pay a lot of money to get the fanciest technology, logo and such. You want to get to your potential clients first.  Most consumers don’t spend a lot of time shopping for an agent. If you are the first they see, they are most likely to go with you.  As you think of marketing, think in terms of visibility rather than quality. Market yourself in areas where your competition isn’t. Plant seeds where other agents haven’t already been.

Show you’re Different

There are thousands of real estate agents out there. You want to show that you are different from the others. Use marketing to show how your process is different and why it works. You need to let your potential clients know that you do things differently when it comes to buying and selling.  Tell them what you do that other agents don’t. They will appreciate what you have to offer and your individuality.

Multiple Marketing Methods

Marketing yourself in just one way is not sufficient enough to get your name out there. Remember, you want to be the first name potential clients see when shopping for an agent. Don’t rely on just social media, or just written advertising. Use them all, and start blogging and sending monthly newsletters to an email distribution list. A lot of these people aren’t in the market to buy or sell right now, but they will be, and if you are peppering them with information chances are they will go to you first.

Being consistent with your marketing strategies is the key to getting that first look from potential clients. If your system isn’t working change it up a bit or ask a real estate colleague what works for them. Once you’ve found your niche you’ll be helping others buy and sell in no time.

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