Top 3 Ways to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry can be highly competitive, and many real estate agents seek ways to differentiate themselves and secure more clients. Successful real estate agents all have one thing in common: they market themselves well. Both new and experienced agents should seek new ways to reach their audience and convert leads from their marketing strategies. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 ways to successfully market yourself as a real estate agent. 

1: Build a Strong Online Presence

Many homebuyers rely on websites to find information about listings and connect with real estate agents. All agents, regardless of their experience, should have a strong online presence to best market themselves digitally. There are two main components to having a strong online presence: social media and a business website. 

Social Media 

Social media is a huge tool that can help new and experienced real estate agents market themselves better and secure more clients. The younger generations of homebuyers often use social media as a place to connect with businesses, discover new places, and learn about events happening in their communities. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to connect with homebuyers on social media. Start by building a profile featuring homes for sale in your area. Then you can add client testimonials and feature recently sold properties. The more active you become on social media, the stronger your online presence will be, helping you to secure new clients. 

Business Website 

Like social media, having a business website is another great way to market yourself as a real estate agent. Think of your website as the first impression to your potential clients. Here, you can add client reviews and feature yourself with a headshot and up-to-date bio. Include information about the areas you serve, such as neighborhoods, parks, and school districts. Your website should also feature a contact form for new clients to easily fill out instead of having to email or make a phone call. Having a business website can help you meet potential clients where they are: online.

2: Expand Your Network

Networking is another great way to market yourself as a real estate agent. We recommend that new agents attend networking events to meet other professionals in the area, learn about different communities, and become familiar with the local real estate market. Networking events give agents the opportunity to learn from others and gain valuable insight into the ever-changing real estate market. But, real estate agents should not only network with other professionals in the industry. They should also network with residents in the community to help build their reputation and boost their personal brand awareness. One of the best ways for real estate agents to network with residents is by getting involved in the community. Consider attending local events, volunteering, or even participating in a local club of your interest to connect with new people. 

3: Advertisements 

Investing in advertisements is another excellent way to market yourself as a real estate agent, regardless of how long you have been working in the industry. Business cards, digital ads, and billboards are 3 of the most common methods of advertising your services as a real estate agent. 

Business Cards

Business cards are a cost-effective form of advertising that many real estate agents overlook. While business cards aren’t as popular now as they have been in the past, they are still proven to be an effective form of marketing. Picture this: you’re sitting at a coffee shop and you meet a potential client seeking a real estate agent, but they don’t have their phone with them. Instead of having to write down your name and contact information, you can simply give them your branded business card for them to reference later. While digital business cards have grown in popularity, paper business cards are still very effective and worth having in your pocket. 

Digital Ads & Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, many homebuyers are online, which is why digital ads are such an effective form of advertising for real estate agents. Digital ads and marketing, whether through Facebook, Instagram, or email, are great ways to target new people and build your clientele. Social media ads can target specific audiences to help you build your online presence. Many real estate agents have seen great success through email marketing as well as digital ads. With email marketing, all you need is an email list, which you can obtain by networking with the community, or by offering a free product like a free digital homebuyer’s guide. Once you have the email list, you can leverage an email marketing tool like MailChimp to send emails to your contacts.


Are you working with a bigger budget? Consider investing in a billboard. Billboards have high visibility and can be seen by a wide audience, unlike some other forms of advertising. The large format of billboards helps your ad be seen by an array of people, which can increase your personal brand awareness within the area you serve. This can be particularly beneficial when trying to get your name out there as a new real estate agent in a competitive market. While billboards may be seen as an outdated form of advertising, they can be highly effective when placed in high-traffic locations. Whether you invest in a static billboard or a digital billboard, real estate agents can anticipate an increase in their visibility and business over time. 

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