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Real Estate Ethics: Navigating Moral Dilemmas in the Industry

In the field of real estate, particularly in the bustling markets of North Carolina, professionals often face situations that test their ethical limits. At Sea Coast Real Estate Academy, we pride ourselves on over 20 years of excellence in real estate education, including guiding students through the complexities of real estate investing and ensuring they […]

Making Clients Feel Comfortable: An Agent’s Guide To Reading Body Language

In the competitive world of real estate brokerage, establishing trust and rapport with clients is essential for success. One powerful tool in achieving this is the ability to read and respond to body language effectively. At Sea Coast Real Estate Academy, we understand the importance of developing a professional skillset, including proficiency in nonverbal communication. […]

Understanding Property Valuation: A Must-Know Skill for Real Estate Agents

In the ever-changing world of real estate, understanding property valuation is a fundamental skill for success. Aspiring real estate agents must master the art of accurately assessing the value of properties to serve their clients effectively. At Sea Coast Real Estate Academy, we recognize the importance of this skill in shaping the careers of agents. […]

Balancing Home Life While Attending Real Estate School

Embarking on a journey to become a real estate professional is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. However, for many aspiring agents, balancing the demands of home life while attending real estate school can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a parent juggling family responsibilities, a working professional with a busy schedule, or someone with various […]

How Eco-Friendly Real Estate is Winning Over Millennial Home Buyers

In the ever-evolving housing market, tapping into what resonates with millennial home buyers is key for real estate success. Millennials are a top demographic when it comes to recent home buyers in North Carolina. They are now well enough established in their career that they are investing more in their home and looking to upgrade […]

The Benefits of Joining a Real Estate Association or Agency

Embarking on or elevating your journey in North Carolina’s real estate market? As professionals in the dynamic world of real estate, staying ahead in this competitive industry requires more than just a keen understanding of market trends and property management. If you’re looking to elevate your career and expand your network in North Carolina, joining […]

Surviving Your First Year in Real Estate: Tips for New Agents in North Carolina

So you’ve passed the North Carolina real estate exam, obtained your license, and are eagerly diving into the exciting world of property transactions. Buckle up, rookie! The first year of being a real estate agent in North Carolina, or anywhere for that matter, can be a whirlwind of emotions – exhilarating highs, crushing lows, and […]

Average Salary of A North Carolina Real Estate Broker

If you’re considering a career in the North Carolina real estate industry or you’re already an agent looking to explore the earning potential in the state, you’re in the right place. North Carolina is a diverse and growing state with a real estate market that presents exciting opportunities. In this blog, we’ll delve into the […]

Beyond MLS: Effective Listing Promotion Strategies for Real Estate Agents

In the dynamic world of real estate, the key to success lies not just in finding great properties, but in effectively promoting them to potential buyers. While the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is undoubtedly a powerful tool for real estate agents, it’s not the only platform where you can showcase your listings. In fact, savvy […]