Using Halloween to Sell your Client’s Home

With Halloween just two weeks away and the fall housing market soon to become the quiet, winter market, you may think that your best chance to get your client’s home sold is already gone. However, Halloween can be an excellent opportunity to get your client’s home plenty of exposure! As such, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your client’s home looks the best that it can because, after all, trick-or-treaters are often accompanied by their parents who may very well be interested in buying the home! In addition, it’s important to know how to balance festive decorations with good curb appeal, and Halloween certainly offers a unique challenge!

Stage the Home

It may sound odd, but staging the home during Halloween is actually an excellent way of increasing potential interest among buyers. As children come and go in order to get their Halloween candy, a number of parents accompanying them may take note of the home being for sale and how appealing it looks from their quick glimpse inside the front door. As such, they may feel compelled to take a closer look at a later date or even inquire about the home right then and there!

In addition, it may benefit your clients to have an open house soon after Halloween has come and gone—after all, those who were interested in the home will surely feel compelled to come and view it in its entirety while it’s still fresh in their minds!

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is always important when helping your client sell their home, but how exactly do you balance curb appeal and the particularly unique decorations associated with Halloween? First, it’s important to note that you want the home to be festive because, after all, you’re trying to attract families to come to the door! That said, you may advise your client from using any decorations that are particularly gruesome or terrifying because, after all, if trick-or-treaters aren’t approaching the door because they’re too intimidated, then their parents won’t be either! Lastly, once you feel that the home is festive but inviting, ensure that your clients are planning on handing out candy to their trick-or-treaters. After all, children probably won’t enjoy walking up to a home on Halloween with no candy waiting for them, and their parents—the potential home buyers—won’t appreciate it either!

In all, Halloween is celebrated for a number of reasons, but don’t think that you can’t use it as an opportunity to sell your client’s home! If done right, you can generate a lot of excitement surrounding the home and reach a lot of potential buyers in an incredibly unique way!

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