Tips for Selling Your Home during the Holidays

Most people avoid selling their home during the holidays because of the already busyness of that time of year. Sometimes, though, the timing cannot be helped. If you find that you have to put your home on the market before or during the holidays there are some things that you can do to take advantage of selling during this time of year. You also have the added bonus of less competition, motivated buyers, and the fact that your house looks beautiful decorated for the season.

Minimize Decorations

Is every room in your house decked out in appropriate holiday attire? Even though you may love decorating your entire house, not everyone has the same love for holiday décor. Think thoughtfully about the decorations you choose, stand by the rule less is more. Nothing is more unappealing to potential buyers than a home that has poorly maintained, tacky and overly religious displays. Keep the inside and outside as simple and easy to maintain as possible.

Keep it Clean

Keeping a home appealing during the winter is a tough task. The inside is hard to keep clean from tracked in mud, snow and leaves.  You can help alleviate this by vacuuming often.

With bare trees outside more things are visible to the potential buyer. Make these areas as appealing as possible. Keep up with cosmetic maintenance issues such as leaf filled gutters  Keep your yard raked along with the driveway and sidewalks blown free of leaves and debris.

Price it Right

Be sure to do your homework with pricing and know what other homes in your neighborhood have sold for.  At this time of year, buyers are motivated just as you are and they don’t want to be bothered with dickering.  You can enlist the help of a seasoned real estate agent to help you with appropriate pricing.

Keep it Cozy

There are many things you can do to make your house welcoming, especially in the winter months.  If it’s cold outside, turn the heat up or turn on the gas fireplace. Build a fire in your wood burning fireplace. Bake some cookies, or use holiday scented air fresheners to add to the ambiance of the home. If your house feels warm and comfortable when people walk in, they are more apt to see themselves living there.

Following these simple tips will hopefully give you a leg up on selling your home in a usually slow season!