Tips to Help You Pass the State Real Estate Exam

Tips to Help You Pass the State Real Estate Exam

If you are studying to take the state real estate exam in North Carolina, you’ll want to be well prepared before entering the exam.  Here, you’ll learn tips and tactics for tackling the test.  Good luck to you as you practice and prepare to pass the state real estate exam!

Take the exam as soon as possible after finishing the course

One of the best ways to score well on the test is to take it soon after completing the real estate pre-licensing course.  This will help you retain concepts, vocabulary, and information more clearly than if you wait several weeks or months before taking it.  Of course, it would also be smart to study before taking the test–just don’t schedule it too far out or things won’t be as fresh in your mind.

Use common sense

Many of the questions on the state real estate exam are designed with common sense in mind.  As a real estate professional, you’ll have to make quick decisions and will need to use reason.  As you take the exam, think of things that simply make the most sense.  This exam is not designed to confuse you or lead you to the wrong answer.  You simply have to use your brain.

Learn the vocab

There are lots of new terms to learn when you are learning about real estate.  Take the time to study the vocabulary words and learn the meanings.  If you don’t understand what something means, you’ll probably get the answer wrong, so study up!

Refresh those math skills

If it’s been awhile since you’ve used your math skills or you struggle with anything math-related, be sure to brush up on some basic math before taking the test.  Not only will this help you feel more prepared, if will also help you get the right answers on the math questions.

Study state laws

It’s crucial to know state law before taking your real estate exam.  You will learn about this in your course classes but make sure to know how your state law differs from other states.  Not understanding state laws can knock your score severely.

Know the exam rules before you go

Another great way to do well is to prepare yourself in advance for how the test will proceed.  What kind of calculator can you bring? What time do you need to be there?  Do you need a permit to enter?  When do you pay the fee?  What kind of pencils are allowed?  Can you bring food?  How long will the test take?  Should you leave a question blank if you don’t know the answer?  When you schedule your exam, ask all these questions to the proctor so you know what you expect.

Go with your gut

Finally, as you are taking the test, remember to relax and breathe.  Everything will be ok.  Don’t rush, but do pace yourself.  Pay attention to the wording of the questions.  And as you are answering the questions, go with your initial or gut instinct.  It’s usually right.

Congratulations–you passed the test! If you are wondering about the process to get licensed as a real estate professional in North Carolina, learn more at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy.  We can answer all your real estate education questions.  Contact Sea Coast Real Estate Academy today!