Where to Start Looking for Real Estate Leads

Where to Start Looking for Real Estate Leads

In real estate, you can’t get far if you don’t have any leads to help buy or sell a house.  Getting good leads takes time and practice, so if you’re just starting out, it can feel like you have to make something out of nothing.  In time, you’ll learn the best ways to generate leads for your business and will have a healthy supply of work to dominate your time.  But, for now,use smart tactics to find and gather leads.  Here’s where to start looking for real estate leads.

Look for leads in referrals, referrals, and more referrals

Quality referrals is truly where the magic happens. It’s hard to get referrals when you’re just starting out but as you do your best and impress your clients, you will see your efforts start to snowball.  Always ask your clients, current and former, if they know someone who is trying to sell or buy a house.  Ask your clients to write recommendations for you online.  When you do a good job with a client, they want to help you out and thus they will send any friends or family who need real estate services to you.  So, the first thing you need to do is your job–and do it well.

Look for leads on social media

If you aren’t properly utilizing social media accounts as a way to generate leads, then you’ve missed the mark somewhere.  Social media is one of the easiest places to get contact information from consumers who are actually interested in what you do. People who follow you or seek you out to ask questions on social media are likely to turn into clients at some point down the road.  So, amp up your social media presence.  Have a current business page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn account so you can attract attention online. Fill out a Zillow professional account to see how many people will follow through to contact you. Write blog posts for your website and post them on social media to give yourself a voice and credibility.  Social media moves rapidly, but if you stay current, you will score some amazing leads.

Look for leads in door-to-door or postcard marketing

This can be an effective way to gain leads if it’s used the right way. Door hangers or postcards can give someone who’s just thinking about moving somewhere else the boost they need to call you and make it happen.  Make these visually appealing, creative, and interesting and you’ll get a better response.

Look for leads in email lists

You know how when you visit a real estate site and it makes you fill out information, like your name and email address?  It seems kind of annoying, right? Well, this is how real estate agents can easily gather lists of name and emails for future emails lists.  And you know who might be interested in buying or selling real estate in the future?  Perhaps someone who is currently browsing a real estate site!  Adding a sign-in service or email login plugin to your site is not difficult or time-consuming and it’s an easy way to get in contact with people who are already looking at real estate.

Look for leads during hobbies or activities you enjoy

This one might seem counter intuitive, but it works if you go about it the right way.  When you are out and about, at the gym, at the park, at the home improvement store, you might want to start casual conversations with the people around you. Don’t come off as the needy salesman, but be the friendly guy who just happens to sell real estate and you’d be surprised how many people are going to buy/sell a house or know someone else who needs to.

Leads are all around you and a huge part of gathering them is just knowing where to look.  By using social media appropriately, gathering names and emails or simply playing basketball at the gym, you’ll gain leads in no time.  And for the leads who are not available right away?  Don’t give up on them.  Don’t throw them away.  Check in on them from time to time to find out when it’s the right time to help them make the biggest change their lives will ever know. Now that you know where to start looking for real estate leads–get out there and start gathering. If you want to attend a real estate school that will teach the art of getting leads, find a classroom near you with SeaCoast Real Estate Academy. Find your class today!