Are Smart Homes Really the New Frontier?

Are Smart Homes Really the New Frontier

We live in a society where technology continues to become more innovative each day. People are constantly searching for the next electronic device to make their lives more efficient and streamlined, and now they are looking for these modern conveniences in their homes. The real estate industry is paying attention to the rise in smart home technology. Many professionals are wondering if smart homes are really the new frontier in the real estate market.

What are Smart Homes?

Smart homes are properties that are equipped with interactive technology. They include features of lighting, heating, appliances and other electronic devices that can be controlled by remotely by a phone or computer.

Who is Interested in Smart Homes?

According to a survey completed by, “87% of Americans acknowledge the value of smart home technology, but only 1 in 4 has this technology in their homes.” The most common demographic seeking out smart homes is the millennial generation. Although, most generations are interested in equipping their homes with at least one fact of smart technology.

Having smart technology in a home helps to increase interest and boost sales prices on a property. Many buyers are interested in having this technology in a home and it will make a listing more appealing. With 87% of the population recognizing the benefits of smart technology in a home, but only 25% of homeowners utilizing it, there is a great demand and need for smart technology to increase in homes.

What Type of Technology is Utilized in Smart Homes?

There are several different types of smart technology available for use in a home and the list of products available grows longer each day. Here are some of the main uses of smart technology within real estate today.

  • Home Command Centers: include Wi-Fi & Bluetooth for a property.
  • Smart Security- allows usage from different people at different security levels also includes innovative cameras and can be controlled remotely.
  • Smart Heating & Cooling- can create intuitive daily schedules and control your temperature control from outside of the home.
  • Smart Lighting- lighting that can change hues and brightness, designed for energy efficiency as well.
  • Smart Appliances- refrigerators, ovens & dishwasher that can be controlled remotely.
  • Smart Entertainment- smart TV’s, 4k technologies, and streaming devices.

As our society continues to rely more on smart technology, people also want the innovative technology available to them in their homes. The real estate and home improvement industries are responding to this demand by creating more opportunities for smart homes. Find a Classroom Near You to learn about smart technology within homes in North Carolina.