Selling your Client’s Home Before the End of Summer

Summer is in full swing, and will still be around another month, but it will be gone before you know it! As such, if you’re trying to sell your client’s home and you’re feeling the pressure to finalize a sale prior to the end of summer then there are a few ways you can improve your chances of selling the home! First and foremost, if the home has been on the market for much of the summer, consider reviewing the price of the home! Second, take advantage of the warm weather and accent the outdoor entertainment areas of your client’s home if the home has them! Lastly, take a look at the home’s exterior—specifically the landscaping—and determine what changes, if any, can or should be made!

Is the Price Right?

If the home has been on the market for an extended period of time, consider the asking price of the home and if it is a fair price. As an agent, you should be knowledgeable of what price range your client can expect to sell their home in, but the market can change! If other homes in the area have sold or are selling for lower prices, then it may be time to consider a change in your client’s asking price! After all, you are the expert in the field and your clients should trust your judgement on what they should be asking for their home! If you feel that the price is a proper reflection of the home, then begin taking stock of other factors in the home that may be preventing a sale!

Draw Attention to Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Summer is all about getting outside and enjoying the sun and the warmth, and you should accent these things in your client’s home! This goes farther than just using summer fabrics and colors in the interior of the home—although this certainly doesn’t hurt! However, you should be bringing attention to outdoor entertainment areas and exterior spaces, as potential buyers will have these things fresh in their mind! In addition to appealing to potential buyer’s current involvement with summer, it also adds a bit of additional value to your client’s home if you properly exhibit outdoor entertainment spaces!

Take a Look at the Home’s Landscaping

Curb appeal is always mentioned as an important piece of selling a home—and for good reason! As such, take a look at the exterior of your client’s home and consider any landscaping changes that can be made to spruce up the exterior. In addition, make sure that the lawn and surrounding areas are looked after—after all, potential buyers will make a negative judgment of your client’s home if the exterior looks rough or unkempt. The attention to detail to the landscaping of your client’s home can certainly help sell the home, and it can almost certainly make it difficult to not sell the home if the landscaping is poor or lacking!

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