Selling Wilmington, North Carolina: What Makes Us Different

Selling Wilmington, North Carolina: What Makes Us Different

Maybe you have been thinking of relocating to a coastal city.  But where?  You’ve heard Myrtle Beach is nice, and Daytona Beach and Miami are exciting also.  Maybe you’ve even considered California and their long beaches and perfect weather year round.  These places are all wonderful places to visit, but would you call them home?  Do you see yourself living in a resort area where there are visitors year round?  You might not want that to be your permanent home.  Have you considered the beautiful seaside city of Wilmington, North Carolina?

About Wilmington

Wilmington is a larger coastal city located in the state of North Carolina with a population of 115,933.  It has 39 constituent neighborhoods.  Wilmington is the eighth largest community in North Carolina.  Wilmington is a city of professionals, sales and office workers and service providers.  Wilmington real estate is some of the most expensive in North Carolina, although Wilmington house values don’t compare to the most expensive real estate in the U.S.

Wilmington is a fun and interesting place to live considering it’s a relatively big city with a sizable college student population.  The city provides a lot of amenities, culture, and opportunities for college students and residents.  Wilmington is more than just a college town, though thousands of students are a major part of the character of the city.

Despite having many college students, Wilmington is also home to recent graduates who are looking to start new careers in this coastal city.  This creates a decent size population of young, single, educated and upwardly mobile people.

Not Far From the Ocean

The city of Wilmington is about a 10-mile drive to the small Oceanside town of Wrightsville Beach.  Wrightsville Beach is North Carolina’s most accessible beach and known for its clear blue waters and spacious, clean beach.  There is an abundance of activities that can keep you busy all year long.  Surfing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, and people watching are all things that you can engage in almost all year long.

There is plenty of nightlife to keep you busy long after the sun sets at Wrightsville Beach.  There is plenty to choose from: beach taverns and grills, restaurant lounges that serve fresh catch to table seafood and plenty of other spots to relax.

The Wilmington area has a lot to offer.  Check us out.