Reestablishing yourself as an Agent after Relocating

As a real estate agent, being familiar with your local areas and housing markets is paramount to being successful and providing your clients with the best possible experience! However, how do you establish yourself in a new area if you have to relocate? Having to seemingly start all over in a new market can seem a daunting task, but there are a few ways to improve your chances of success! First, you need to do some serious research on both the new area itself and your competitors in the area! Second, implement some tried and true marketing strategies to reach potential clients in your new area! Lastly, get yourself out there and be seen as a part of your new community!


Research is Key

Any time you relocate to a new market, the first thing that you should do is spend some time researching the area. What are the housing trends like? What’s the average sale/list price in certain areas? What schools are located nearby? Are there any major attractions or interests that the area boasts? These are just some of a multitude of things that you need to be aware of! After all, clients will be looking to you when considering whether or not they want to purchase a home in the area, and if you don’t have strong knowledge of said area, then they may question what else you don’t know!

In addition to researching the new area itself, you should also spend some time researching your competitors in the area. Try to understand what makes them successful, and look at what they’re doing within the market. You should also try to identify what they’re not doing, as this could be an opportunity to differentiate yourself from them and stand out to potential clients!

Implement your Best Marketing Strategies

As with any real estate market, there are some marketing strategies that you can use to stand out in your new market! With millennials being the largest demographic of those looking to buy and sell homes, you should be utilizing social media to reach them! This means that you should be connecting with clients—both potential and past—through social media, and staying active on said account(s). In addition, you should be punctual in replying to questions that your clients may pose to your through social media. By being active and engaging through social media, you’ll let your clients know that you’re professional but also able to make time for them!

Get out in the Community

Perhaps the most important thing to do when establishing yourself in your new area is to get out and be seen as a part of your new community! This means taking part in local events and happenings, as well as attending open houses of other agents in order to connect with potential clients in the area! An agent who not only has knowledge of the area in which they work but also is seen as a true member of said community is much more likely to appeal to potential clients than agents who do not exhibit one of both of these things! As such, being active in your community and getting your name out there while doing so is a great way to connect with those around you and make sure that they think of you the next time they’re looking to buy or sell a home!

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