Real Estate School: Online or Classroom?

If you have decided that you would like to pursue a career in real estate you are going to need to take at least 100 hours of coursework that will be the foundation of your career.  Because this first step in your career is so important, it’s wise to pick the learning style that is right for you.  You can take these courses in a classroom or online,  but whichever you choose depends on your learning style.


Taking a course online provides you with the flexibility you may need if you have many other obligations that prevent you from spending 4 hours at a time in a classroom.  When you take a course online, you can complete the coursework at your convenience as long as it’s completed within the given time frame.  It’s much easier to look at the course work when you have a break in your day.

Online real estate courses also tend to be cheaper than being in the classroom.  Taking the course online might also save money by saving you travel time, time off work, babysitting and snacks.

The downfalls of online real estate courses are, of course, self-discipline and lack of interaction.  Real estate classes are not easy, and you are learning so that you can pass not only a class exam, but also a state and national exam.  If you aren’t disciplined to study on your own, this will be money wasted.  Also, it’s nice to have others to study with and you won’t get that going to school online.


You may be a person that learns better in a classroom setting and enjoys the interaction with classmates and face-to-face instruction.  These are among the benefits of taking the real estate course in a classroom.

Having a teacher that you can ask questions during the instruction along with learning from this person’s own experience is something you will only obtain in the classroom setting.  In this setting, you also know when you will be able to talk with the teacher if you need to, and the availability might be better than online.

Interaction with peers might be something you rely on.  Learning a new skill is difficult and it can be made easier with peers right next to you going through the same thing.  You might not get that type of support in the online setting.  It’s also nice to have friends to study with.

The downfalls of classroom instruction are the lack of flexibility and the requirement of attending a certain amount of classes.  You may also have added expenses as mentioned above with traveling and babysitting.