How to Get a Real Estate License in North Carolina

How to Get a Real Estate License in North Carolina

Getting your real estate license is a step in the right direction for your career and you can get that jump start right here at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy.  We offer courses for both pre-licensing and post-licensing. Getting your real estate license in North Carolina doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re thinking–as long as you prepare well and learn the material, you’ll do great!

Take a pre-licensing course with Sea Coast Real Estate Academy

Pre-licensing is the course that you take to prepare you for the state exam.  In the pre-licensing course, you will learn key terms that real estate brokers use, basic principles and practices used by real estate agents, real estate law, and so much more.  The class spans the length of 75 hours.  The tuition includes a textbook, math workbook, and study guide.  

Pass the Class Test

After you have completed your 75 hours.  Study hard and pass the class test.  Once you have passed, you will be on your way to taking the state licensing exam.

Submit an application form

In order to get your real estate license in North Carolina, you must submit an application and $30.00 to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.  This is one more step you can check off in your list to get your license in North Carolina.

Take and pass the North Carolina State Licensing Exam

This step is crucial.  In order to get your license, you must register for and pass the state exam.  You will learn about state laws in your pre-licensing course and will have to pass the test through an acceptable testing center.  Make sure you arrive early and read all the rules for the test before arriving at the test location.

Get a criminal background check

This must be done before getting your license.  The Real Estate Commission in North Carolina will decide if you have sufficient ‘character’ to act responsibly as a real estate broker.  The commission may invite you in for an interview if there is anything amiss on your application or background check.  This gives you an opportunity to explain your past and ensure your future as a real estate salesperson.

Get your license!

After passing each of the above steps, you will be given you real estate license.  You can now represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions in the state where you are licensed.  You will want to look for work with a brokerage firm in North Carolina–choose one that will give you opportunities to grow.

Maintain your license by taking post-licensing courses at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy

After getting your license, you will have to complete 90 hours of post-licensing coursework to get rid of the ‘provisional’ status on your license. You will have to take a 30-hour provisional class every year to keep your license active. You can also take continuing education classes each year.

Getting your real estate license is a bit of a process, but it’s well worth it.  The staff at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy welcomes all your questions and concerns about getting your real estate license in North Carolina.  Please contact us for information about class schedules, enrollment, and tuition.