Have You Lost Contacts with your Real Estate Leads?

Have You Lost Contacts with your Real Estate Leads?

You work hard to prospect leads and keeping in contact with them. But what happens when they have stopped making contact with you? It’s frustrating to lose contact with someone you thought was prepping to work with you. Here are some ways to get these prospects to start communicating with you again.

A Clear Path to Action

Peoples’ attention spans are short so you need to grab their attention quickly. Emails and/or texts that are long will not encourage someone to read them because they feel they don’t have the time. Make sure that your communication has a call to action. Ask an open ended question, or lead them to a website that is of interest to them and will require them to respond. Do one task at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm your prospect with “tasks” to where they will feel it is a job or chore to get back to you.

Video Messaging

Video messages are different and can grab someone’s attention. Again, you want to remember to keep it brief, but your prospect is more likely to watch a quick video than read an email. If you are afraid to put yourself on video, practice with friends and colleagues. There are many good video technology tools to help make this a success.

Text Messaging

Text messaging can be a quick way to make contact with your prospect. People are more inclined to look at a text message than they are to look at email. In the days of cell phones being in front of our faces, text messages are the quickest way to get yourself heard. Remember to keep your texts brief and light and that will open up the conversation.

Once you’ve realized a prospect has been less than communicative with you, it’s time to take action. Even if you find out they are working with another agent, at least you will know to not waste your time on them.