Reaching Millennials for their Home Buying Needs

Reaching Millennials for their Home Buying Needs

Millennials are defined as the population born between 1981 and 1997. Unlike many generations before, this generation grew up with access to cable television, computers, cell phones, iPods and laptops in which they could have access to information all day and night without leaving their sofa. This generation is onto gimmicks when it comes to buying and selling.  They appreciate honesty when making large purchases or making career decisions.  To be a successful resource to a potential millennial buyer, it would be wise to consider these tips when communicating with this generation.

Get Social

This generation is sold on social media.  Smartphones, tablets etc., has made it possible for them to be on social media a good part of the day.  When they have a question about something they most likely take it to social media.  Creating a personal business page on Facebook or Instagram representing yourself as an agent is a great way to get yourself seen by the millennial population.  Once you’ve created your profile it’s important to stay active.  Post information daily that might answer questions young people have about buying homes or certain neighborhoods.


The millennial generation is on top of the latest technology.  This is what is going to build their trust in you.  If you are on a listing appointment, or are meeting with them to discuss showings, bring your latest technology. Using these tools that they are already comfortable with will help them relate to you and build trust.  It may seem silly, but not using technology the way they use it might make them a little leery of trusting you.

Just the Facts

Make sure that you share all the facts with your millennial client up front.  It may seem that this generation is not ready to make a home investment. Trends show that more millennials are making sacrifices to save for a down payment and are satisfied with their investment once they purchase.  Be honest about the process of buying a home and especially the process for obtaining a mortgage.  The more informed they feel, the more willing they might be to make that investment.

Readily Available

This generation is used to being able to contact anyone at any time through text, phone, email, or live chat.  Make sure that you are available to your clients.  Let them know that it is okay to text or email you if they have any questions.  Most likely if a question pops up, they are going to want it answered quickly.  You are their resource for this process and it pays to be available.