Moments When Real Estate Clients Don’t Want You to Text

Moments When Real Estate Clients Don’t Want You to Text

Texting has become an easy and quick way to communicate with people. But there are times in a real estate transaction when your client would rather hear from you on a phone call instead of texting.

Establishing a Relationship

While prospecting new clients you probably were not using text messages to get their business.  After your first meeting with a potential client, you want your follow up to be personal so that they know you have made a personal connection with them.  Texting is not the way to do this.  Making a phone call helps to set the tone of the relationship and your client will feel special because you took the time to call instead of sending a text.

When Their Offer is rejected

Texting bad news to your client is never appropriate.  When a client hears that their offer has been rejected they want to hear from you the reasons why and have a conversation about the next steps to take.  They also want to know that you understand their frustration and that you are all in this together.

When Their Contract is accepted

This, of course, is a much happier scenario in a real estate transaction but still doesn’t warrant a text.  Your client wants to hear from you when this moment happens.  Again this helps in developing that relationship through the ups and downs of a real estate transaction.  Your client cannot gauge your excitement through text message, nor can you hear theirs.

Providing Feedback

At any time during the transaction, there are important matters to take care of such as home inspection, repairs and such, those conversations need to be done on the phone.  So many things can be missed during text messaging and these items are too important to not warrant a phone call.  It’s easy to get busy and think that shooting a text is the fastest way to communicate, but the chance of miscommunication is also very high.

Although texting can be a quick and easy way to communicate with clients during a real estate transaction, it’s not always the most effective.  You want to be sure that you are in tune with what your client needs from you before sending texts. SeaCoastClassroom