Managing Time off During the Holidays as an Agent

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and while you may feel that there is still time to prepare, it’s important to understand the importance of planning your time-off well in advance! First and most importantly, your clients are depending upon you and their lives will also be incredibly busy during the holidays. As such, you should notify your clients well in advance of when you will be unavailable and you should get in contact with your fellow agents in order to give your clients a contact during your time off! In addition, be sure to use slow days during this time to catch up on work that you may have missed, or use it to work ahead when you know that you have days off upcoming!


Plan Ahead

Now is the time to have your time off scheduled and your clients notified of your unavailability during the selected days. Will some of your clients have purchased a home/sold theirs by the holiday season? It’s certainly possible, but being up front with them about when you will be unavailable builds trust in you among them, and it makes them more likely to suggest your services to another prospective client or use you again the next time they’re looking to buy or sell!

Also, you should have a plan in terms of who your clients should contact if they have questions and concerns when you are unavailable! Discuss this with another agent who is familiar with what your client is looking for if they’re looking to buy, or find an agent that understands the area in which they’re selling!

Don’t get Distracted by the Season

Often times work can accumulate leading up to the holidays, and you find yourself looking ahead to the days that you get to spend with friends and family away from work. However, staying focused on the work on hand is paramount in staying on top of things! In addition, you should use any slow days to catch up on work that you may have missed or even work ahead to ensure that your clients aren’t left out to dry when you’re unavailable!

In addition, as an agent you’ll be doing many things that may not technically be within the job description for your clients, and being a steady hand for them during such a hectic time is crucial in helping them through the homebuying/selling process!

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