Make Your Real Estate Flyers Stand Out

Make Your Real Estate Flyers Stand Out

Even with all the digital technology out there to boost your advertising, don’t underestimate the value of your real estate flyer.  If you aren’t using real estate flyers at your listings then you are missing out on showings.  You can integrate both digital marketing and flyers to maximize your marketing.  Here are some ways to get the most out of your flyers.

Work Smarter

If you have a lot of inventory it will be hard to produce unique flyers for each one of your listings.  There is where an online template can come in handy.  Of course you don’t want all of your flyers to look exactly the same, but this will cut down on the time you are trying to come up with designs on your own.


Be sure to include all the essential details in your flyers.  Price of the home, address, features and contact information are things you don’t want to leave out.  Pictures are also a plus.  Take pictures of the outside for sure, but also try to include the most important parts of the home if you have room.  Also include color.  It may be tempting to print your fliers in black and white  (and cheaper), but the color font and pictures are going to catch future buyers’ attention.

Real estate flyers can be useful in so many ways that you don’t want to ignore their effectiveness.  Spend some of your marketing time and money to provide flyers for each of your properties.  You will be pleased with the results.