Lovely Gifts to Make Your Clients Feel the Love

Having unique ideas for closing gifts is always a good idea to let your clients know you enjoyed the process and you love referrals.  Keeping your gifts inspired by the season or upcoming holidays is always a fun way to thank them.  Here are a few ideas for the month of love.


Anything monogrammed is always a popular gift. There are many items you can choose to have monogrammed for your clients. Remember that you will have to think ahead for this gift because having something monogrammed can take a little bit of time. There are door hangers, garden and house flags, pillows and many other items that you can give as a closing gift. Your client will always remember you when looking at that thoughtful gift.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is always a nice closing gift, but you don’t want to use a generic one that you picked up haphazardly at a store. Have one put together with the things that your client loves. Working with someone for any amount of time, you are sure to have learned what they like. During this month of love you can add some Valentine themed ideas also.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can sometimes seem like an impersonal gift, but think about what type of house your client bought and go from there. Did they buy a fixer upper?  A gift card from a home improvement store would be a welcome surprise. Almost anyone would appreciate that type of gift card.  If this is a military family that is waiting for their home goods, gift cards to restaurants or a night at a local hotel would be very thoughtful. You may want to accompany your gift card with another idea also.

There are many ways to say thank you to your client after closing on their home. Put some thought into your gift so that you will be remembered when real estate needs arise again.

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