Is It Possible to Get a Real Estate License in One Summer?

If you’re considering a career or part-time job in real estate, the summer is a great time to get started. In just a few months, you can fulfill the educational requirements, obtain a license, and begin building your real estate clientele. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, looking for a seasonal job, or seeking an exciting side hustle, real estate is a great option to pursue. Getting your real estate license can easily be done in one summer thanks to online education!

In Short, Yes! 

Good news: it’s very possible to get a real estate license in one summer. With the advent of online real estate education, getting your real estate license is more convenient than ever before. Since online real estate courses can be completed at your own pace, this education can easily work with any schedule. If you’re ready to embark on your journey to becoming a real estate agent, here’s what you need to know. 

Required Education

All aspiring real estate agents must complete the educational requirements in their state. These requirements vary slightly by state, but most places require a specific number of pre-licensing education courses to be completed before taking the licensing exam. With online education providers, aspiring real estate agents can fulfill the requirements during their own time, unlike traditional real estate education courses that require students to be present during set class times. 

Licensing Exams

After you’ve completed the educational requirements, you must take and pass the state licensing exam. Like the educational requirements, licensing exams vary state by state. However, all exams cover the material you learned during your real estate courses, so make sure to take good notes during the summer! 

Continuing Education

Congratulations! Once you’ve completed the required education and passed the licensing exam, you will be issued your real estate license and you can begin serving clients. But real estate education doesn’t end there. All agents must fulfill continuing education requirements in order to maintain their license. But the good news is that continuing education courses can also be taken through an online education provider like Sea Coast Academy. We offer a variety of continuing education courses for agents in North Carolina and South Carolina

Are you looking for online real estate licensing or continuing education courses from a trusted provider? Contact us today to learn how Sea Coast Academy can bring your dream real estate career to life!