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Known to be a ball of energy, Kelli brings 25+ years of real estate experience to the table. Starting her career in 1996 in the fast-paced arena of commercial real estate development.

However, it only took 5 years for Kelli to discover motherhood looked nothing like it did on TV. She wanted the best parts of all her seasons of life to come together because she knew that would be in the best interest of her family, clients and students.

So that’s exactly what she works towards each and every day: Bringing her multi-career experiences to this make a positive difference to this everchanging world of Real Estate.

“I know too many people to let those connections go to waste.”

Born and raised in Wake Forest, NC, Kelli is always willing to kickback and share “when I was growing up” stories with anyone wanting to listen: her students, clients, locals or those thinking of relocating to her neck of the woods.

Kelli has been teaching real estate classes since 2004 and is an approved Instructor through NCREC.

Kelli Minor's Classes

Kelli Minor's Classes