How to Write Real Estate Descriptions That Sell

When buyers and their agents are browsing real estate listings, high quality professional photos grab their attention first, but the listing description really tells the story of the home.

As a Real Estate agent, your primary outlets are MLS sites, but since you also post your listings on social media, your property listing descriptions should be creative and informative enough to cut through the clutter. If you’re wondering how to write a real estate listing, this guide is a new agent’s go-to source for tips on writing creative, high-quality real estate listing descriptions that are sure to generate showings and sales

Focus on the Headline

Your listing headline should pack a punch in just a few words. Focus on two things in your real estate property description: location and something unique about the house. Creating a sense of urgency will also play a key role when writing a winning headline. If you’re having a hard time getting started, look at other MLS descriptions in the neighborhood to get some inspiration for creative real estate listing descriptions examples such as:

  1. “Gorgeous two-story brick home located in the sought-after Mayfair
  2. “Hard to find, well-maintained brick rancher in the heart of Channel Haven”.

Attention-Grabbing Opening Statement

The photos you share with your property listing give great visuals, but buyers want
details they can’t uncover themselves, even the best pictures. Your opening statement needs to answer the buyer’s fundamental question “what am I looking at?” and make them want to keep reading, filling in the details the pictures can’t provide. Begin with the features that appeal to buyers. For example an opening statement such as:

“Clean line, modern property situated on an oversized lot in the Preston Hollow area. Step inside this beautifully upgraded home and fall in love with its open spaces, including 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, two living areas, and a private study.”

This opening line immediately communicates that the property is large, sits on a sizable lot, and is located in a prestigious neighborhood. With these kinds of details leading your property listing, buyers will be jumping over themselves to read more.

Highlight Unique Features

Here’s where your property listing description highlights the details that make this specific home special.Making sure to list features such as: professional landscaping, a custom kitchen, spa bathroom, name-brand appliances, and any other upgraded features. This is no time to be modest; name-drop the brands and finishes that buyers want. Don’t forget that your job is to stay on top of trends, so your descriptions should list out current desirable features and steer clear of out-dated favorites.

Keep Fair Housing Laws In Mind

Make sure that your property listing descriptions abide by the Fair Housing Act. The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they’re renting or purchasing a home, along with other related activities, so avoid mentioning race, gender, national origin, familial status, or disability in your listings. Focus on what the property presents and welcome all potential buyers by using inclusive language in your property descriptions.

Proofread Every Listing Description

As a real estate agent, your success depends on your ability to write engaging and compelling content in the limited space allotted by your MLS. You can expand on your description in flyers and social media posts, but most buyers will find you online with shorter descriptions. Every word counts, so practice editing and tighten up your writing skills, and be sure to review your work before publishing.

Writing a killer real estate listing description doesn’t have to be hard, start out with writing 2-3 different variations to start and have your colleagues or friends read them to get a feeling for the emotion and message you are trying to get across.

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