How to Prepare for Online Real Estate Classes (and Maximize Your Learning)

Being out of school for a while can make online learning challenging for some, and you might not know what to expect going into your online real estate classes or how to get the most out of them. 

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you stay organized, focused, and successful while tackling our online real estate courses.

Create a Designated Work From Home Space

If you’re juggling kids, pets, and home responsibilities while trying to study in the kitchen, chances are, you won’t get much done. 

So, before you start your real estate learning journey, create a separate space for study and work only. Fewer distractions equal greater productivity!

Top tip: As you design your work from home space, focus on ergonomics (not just the aesthetics). Invest in a comfortable chair with ample back support. And search for a desk with plenty of storage and table space. Here are a few home office tips to get you started!

Set Academic Goals

To excel in your e-learning, stay organized with your lesson plans, homework, and exam dates. If this isn’t an easy task for you, try productivity apps or digital planners. If you prefer old-school methods, a paper planner or a notebook can work wonders too!

Top tip: Stick to your goals to prevent burnout and missed work. If you plan to study 3 nights/week, try to commit to it. Trust yourself and don’t fall behind. 

Backup Your Work

Imagine taking a test or getting midway through a real estate homework assignment. And then, your internet goes out!

Technology fails us sometimes. So, equip yourself with a backup system as soon as possible. iCloud or Google Drive work well! This way, you’ll never lose any of your work during an internet shortage. Plus, you can access your work remotely from any device with just your username and password.

Top tip: Before starting your course, ensure you have a fast enough download and upload speed.

Use Exam Prep

Your real estate pre-licensing courses will prepare you for your real estate career, but an exam study aid will help you pass the exam. One simple option is our North Carolina 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course and the North Carolina Broker License Exam Review.

Top tip: Using real estate exam prep gives you a higher chance to score well on exam day. 

Supplement Your E-Learning

Though your real estate course will cover everything you need to know for your licensing exam, there are many additional ways to boost your e-learning success!

Here are a few applications that will help you stay on track:

  1. Need help staying focused? Use the Marinara Timer helps you plan your study times, breaks, and more!
  2. Need to take a deeper dive?  Quizlet creates online flashcards (for free) to quiz yourself before test time.
  3. Need help managing deadlines? Schooltraq keeps track of your assignments and deadlines.
  4. Need a study plan that works for you? GoConqr helps you create your study plan and quizzes.

Top tip: Work smarter, not harder! Use online tools and applications to help you study and make your e-learning journey as hassle-free as possible. 

Celebrate the Small Accomplishments

As difficult as it may be, try not to focus your energy on just the end goal—getting licensed. 

Instead, every time you meet a study goal or do well on an exam, celebrate your accomplishments!

Top tip: Take plenty of breaks and balance time between work, study, and life. Acknowledging small successes will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed! 

Want to get your real estate career started on the right foot? 

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