How to get More Listings as a Real Estate Agent

As an agent, you’re obviously aware that listings are the lifeblood of your career, but it’s important to understand how you maximize your chances of getting that listing that you really want! There are a number of ways to improve your chances and improve your overall quality of work as an agent, but here are a few that are sure to provide results: First, you have to build your network—after all, you’ll need to clients in order to secure a listing! Second, meet with clients and discuss real estate in person—after all, there is nothing quite like a face to face interaction with someone! Lastly, be sure to use all of the tools at your disposal to get the word, including social media!

Build your Network

Building your network is the first and arguably the most important step in establishing yourself as an agent, and it’s paramount to increasing your number of listings! When you first start out as an agent, you should begin to build your network by reaching out to friends and family. Let them know of your new career and their business can help you; in addition, ask them to spread the word and see if anyone they know is looking to sell their home! As your network grows you will find that prospective clients are more likely to seek you out and work with you—provided, of course, that your past clients have good reviews to give! It’s also important to note that checking in periodically with those people in your network is always a good idea. They may not be looking to sell their home now, but you never know when they will be and you’ll want to be fresh in their minds when they do!

Discuss Real Estate Face to Face

With technology constantly providing us with news ways to contact each other and stay in touch, the value of face to face interaction can sometimes be overlooked. However, such a thing in invaluable in real estate, and thus you should strive to meet with prospective clients face to face! Open houses are the perfect place to go and be amongst other agents and prospective clients, and discussing your knowledge of the field in person is a great way to let others know that you’re serious, and it may lead to them trusting you with their listing! You should have business cards on hand to ensure that those whom you meet will have your contact information!

Use Social Media

Social media is a tool that agents are constantly being told to familiarize themselves with and utilize—and for good reason! By understanding how to market yourself on social media, your make yourself more readily available and visible to prospective clients! In addition, you can use social media to advertise your listings, thus making the property viewable to a wider array of buyers! Using social media can seem complicated, time consuming, and even daunting, but ultimately it’s a tool that will make your job as an agent easier! Brush up on how to best utilize different social media platforms and then, when applying social media and real estate best practices, watch your pool of listings grow!

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