online real estate courses 2023

How To Get a Real Estate License Online in 2023

Online learning opportunities make career changes less challenging, especially if you want to become a real estate agent! With accredited online real estate courses, becoming a real estate agent is more accessible than ever. Continue reading to learn how to get a real estate license online: 

Find a Reputable Online Real Estate Licensing Education Provider

The first step in becoming a real estate agent is finding a reputable online education provider that offers courses specific to the state you want to practice in. Before you enroll in a course, make sure the provider is certified in your state. You’ll also want to make sure that the provider offers courses taught by accredited real estate instructors. At Sea Coast Academy, we are certified and accredited to teach in both North Carolina and South Carolina


Once you select an online provider, you need to enroll in pre-licensing courses. Depending on your state, the pre-licensing courses will vary slightly. Pre-licensing courses are an important first step in pursuing your dreams of becoming a real estate agent. 

Register for the State Exam

Once you have taken your pre-licensing course, it is time to register and take the state exam. This exam will assess your knowledge of the real estate industry to ensure you are ready to enter the field. Once you have taken and passed the exam, it’s time to move onto post-licensing courses.  


Post-licensing courses are another important part of becoming a licensed real estate agent. Like pre-licensing, you’ll need to select a certified provider of real estate education to enroll in a post-licensing course online.

Submit your License Application & Find a Broker 

After you’ve completed all your required education and passed the licensing exam, it’s time to submit your license application and become an officially licensed agent. After you receive your real estate license, you are ready to find a broker in your area and start building your clientele. 

Continuing Education

You can also pursue continuing education opportunities through an online education provider. Sea Coast Academy understands how busy real estate agents can be, which is why we offer a variety of different online continuing education courses that can be completed at your own pace. Are you ready to kick-start your career in real estate? At Sea Coast Academy, we offer affordable dedicated online courses designed to prepare you for your new career in real estate in North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact us today to get started!