How Long Does It Take to Get a North Carolina Real Estate License?

Considering a career change? If you’re contemplating a shift to the real estate industry, you’re not alone. The National Association of Realtors reports that a significant number of real estate agents transition from different professions.

Once the decision to change careers is made, the next question is likely about the timeline for obtaining a real estate license. In North Carolina, like in most states, the process hinges on three key factors: the required course hours before the exam, the chosen real estate school, and the duration of the state’s application process.

Educational Requirements

In North Carolina, there’s a singular type of real estate license—broker. However, within this category, there are distinctions such as provisional broker (entry-level), broker (intermediate), and broker-in-charge (supervisory level).

To be eligible for the North Carolina real estate exam, aspiring agents must be at least 18 years old and successfully complete a state-approved classroom real estate course. Sea Coast Real Estate Academy offers a 75-hour provisional brokerage pre-licensing course in basic real estate principles and practices. Successful completion of this course is followed by the broker exam.

Upon obtaining a broker’s license, there’s an additional requirement to complete 90 hours of post-licensing education within 18 months in any sequence. Sea Coast Real Estate Academy facilitates these courses year-round at various times and can all be taken virtually. Be aware that a post licensing course will expire two years after its completion date. When a provisional broker has timely completed all three courses, the provisional status of the broker’s license will be automatically terminated by the NC Real Estate Commission. To enroll in a Post Licensing course, students must have a provisional broker license or a license on inactive or expired status if trying to activate/reinstate a license.

Steps to Obtain Your Real Estate License:

  1. Register for a provisional broker pre-licensing course.
  2. Complete the course and pass the final examination.
  3. Obtain necessary documents, including a licensing application and criminal background report.
  4. Submit the licensing application online after passing the course exam.
  5. Receive approval via email to take the state exam.
  6. Schedule the exam online and pass the 120-question test in 3.5 hours.
  7. As a provisional broker, find a brokerage to work under a broker-in-charge.

Real Estate License School

The 75-hour course requirement is available through various private real estate schools and community colleges. However, Sea Coast Real Estate Academy stands out by offering more class times and offers the ability to attend your course from anywhere in the world.

For over 20 years, Sea Coast Real Estate Academy has been providing a quality education for those wanting to obtain a real estate license and continue their learning. We look forward to helping you do the same. Our goal is to provide a comfortable setting, dynamic teachers, and experience you’ll find valuable.

Application and Exam Process

The duration of the application and exam process can vary, adding days to weeks. Fortunately, North Carolina’s automated system allows immediate access to test results. If you fail a section, you can retake only that portion.

In all states, including North Carolina, collaboration with a real estate broker is mandatory as you embark on your career. With Sea Coast Real Estate Academy, you could potentially obtain your real estate license in as little as 3 months.

Ready to start the process of obtaining your real estate license? Contact Sea Coast Real Estate Academy to get started today!