Helpful Suggestions for your Clients when Showing their Home

Any time you’re working with a client to sell their home, you know that showing their home is perhaps the most important part in ensuring that offers come in and the home sells! As such, there are countless tips on what you should and should not have your clients do prior to showing their home. Some suggestions are more popular than others, and ultimately you as the agent should be knowledgeable enough to know what will work for the home that you’re trying to sell. With that mind, let’s take a look at a few tips that will help your clients home look even better during a showing!

Ask that your Clients Remove their Personal Items

Whether your clients are choosing to live in their home while trying to sell it or not, there are bound to be some personal items still in the home. While this is almost certainly more convenient for you clients, prospective buyers may not appreciate their presence in the home. Any time a prospective buyer is viewing a home, they’re trying to envision themselves living in said home. As a result, providing them with a home that is devoid of your clients’ personal items is like providing the prospective buyer with a blank slate—it’ll be much easier for them to envision themselves living in a home that is empty rather than one that is full of someone else’s stuff!

Keep it Clean

This may seem like an obvious tip, but a home that is clean is going to show much better than one that is not. For a prospective buyer, something as simple as dusty furniture may send the wrong message that your clients didn’t take care of the home. After all, a prospective buyer may wonder what else may have gone by the wayside if you or your clients didn’t take the time to clean the home prior to showing it!

Add Some Seasonal Décor

Showing a home and catching a prospective buyer’s eye is all about attention to detail, so why not do everything that you can? If you’re showing a home in the spring or summer, consider adding some fresh flowers at a few different places within the home. If you’re showing a home in the fall or winter, consider putting up a few seasonal decorations like a fall wreath or holly. This also includes showing a home during certain holidays—don’t be afraid to decorate the home with something festive, as you’ll want the home to stand out and be memorable in the mind of the buyer.

Smell is Important

How the home smells make seem like a small thing, but first impressions are incredibly important in a showing and smell is a big part of that! If prospective buyers enter the home and it smells nice, they may make a mental note of that and that’s a detail that will help the home stand out! Conversely, if the home has a foul or unpleasant odor then they’ll definitely remember that and that could ultimately push them to decide that the home is not the one they’re looking for. This tip is especially important if you have clients who are not living in their home during the sale process; you as the agent should go over to the home every now and again and open a few windows to allow air to flow through and ensure that the interior doesn’t become stale or stagnant.

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