Getting Your First Real Estate Client

You have entered the world of selling real estate and probably didn’t realize how competitive the market for real estate agents is. Luckily, there are people buying and selling homes every day, so the clients are there, you just need strategies to help you find potential clients. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Broker Leads

If you are new to a real estate agency and have a broker that is interested in your success, you will be handed leads.  Many new agents will spend extra time working at the office to work the phones and obtain leads that come in cold.  This is a great way to begin building your clientele.


Getting new clients can be as easy as letting the people closest to you know that you are now working in real estate.  Your first clients could be your own friends and family.  Sending out some type of announcement letting people know that you are beginning a new business will lead them to you when they have real estate needs arise.

Business Cards

Be proactive and generate business on your own.  This may require you to step out of your comfort zone.  Make a goal to pass out at least 5 business cards a day to people you don’t know. All of your real estate business will not just come from people that you know.  Even if the people you hand your card to are not looking for an agent at this time, they are more likely to look to you when the need does arise.

Social Media

Social Media is free and has a widespread effect.  If you already have a personal account on Facebook or Instagram, you can post to that account that you are now in the real estate business.  You may also want to consider creating a business page where you can advertise your services and any listings you may have.

Building a real estate clientele is not easy work, but if you are consistent and determined to find your clients, using these strategies will help to build your business into a successful one.