Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Leads

Getting the Most Out Of Your Real Estate Leads

Marketing is one of the biggest parts of operating a thriving real estate business. Generating and cultivating leads is an integral part of marketing yourself and your business. Finding new contacts and creating leads is only the first step. You must cultivate these leads to build rapport and get business from clients. Here are some strategies to get the most out of your real estate leads.

Partner With Other Real Estate Professionals

Building a strong network with other real estate professionals is vital for a successful real estate business. Cultivate strong business relationships with a mortgage broker, a divorce attorney, personal bankers, financial planners & relocation specialists. If your leads need some assistance outside of your area of expertise you can refer them to your business contacts. Providing resources for your leads will leave a lasting impression and build trust. These leads are more likely to return to you when they need your services. This will also help your business and generate new leads as they refer clients to you.

Stay in Touch

Unless a prospective client moves out of your area, they are always a real estate lead. Great real estate agents cultivate repeat business with clients. As people move through different parts of life, their needs for a home change. By staying in touch with leads you can stay fresh on their mind and they will reach out to you when they have new real estate needs.

A great way to stay in touch with leads is to have an email list that you send regular updates to. Sending out biweekly or monthly newsletters is a way to stay relevant in the minds of your leads without making phone calls. Newsletters are a great point of contact to have. They are educational and informative for recipients and they serve as a great marketing tool.

Categorize & Qualify Your Leads 

Having a database of a couple thousand prospective clients is great. But keeping in contact with all of them would be very difficult to do. Not all of your leads are going to be currently looking to buy or sell a home. To effectively manage your leads you’ll need to categorize active and dormant leads.

Develop a different strategy for each type of lead. Engage your active leads by making a couple points of contact each week. For dormant leads, staying in contact through a monthly email newsletter will keep the doors of communication open with taking much of a time commitment from you.

Keep Generating New Leads

Your list of leads should always be growing and changing. Remove names of people who have moved out of the area. If someone decides not to buy or sell within the next year, make them a dormant lead. Your business depends on continually cultivating new leads.

Best Ways to Get New Leads:

  • Increase online presence on Zillow Premier Agent
  • Keep a current real estate website and have an e-mail opt-in.
  • Be active on social media.
  • Network, most of your business will turn into referral business.
  • Host open houses and collect names of prospective homebuyers.

Generating and connecting with your leads should be a focus of your business. Effectively managing your leads will save your time and contribute to a successful business. Sea Coast Real Estate Academy can help you identify how to create an effective lead strategy. Find a Classroom Near You and find what resources we offer to make your business thrive.