Expand your Real Estate Network in the New Year

Always putting your best foot forward and being knowledgeable in your field is vital in succeeding in real estate, but networking has become even more important to be a winner in the real estate business. It comes down to the old adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know”, and now who knows you. Here are some tips to up your networking game and reel in more clients:

Dedicate Time to Expanding your Network

If you are already running a pretty busy business, it might seem impossible to fit anymore in.  Planning marketing, talking to prospects, managing transactions, and handling the whole business aspect of your career take up a lot of your time. Expanding your network is important, and in order to build in this area you will need to set aside some designated time for just this.  This should be at least a weekly activity if not daily.

Attend Events

Many areas host events for agents, mortgage brokers, and young professionals. You name the group and they probably have monthly meetings or socials. Once you’ve realized your local network, you will want to branch out to state or national expos and conferences.  Events geared towards technology, home design, and finance are all rich with potential prospects. The important thing to remember here is to hone in with one specific genre. You are more likely to find solid prospects without throwing your business cards around to everyone with whom you touch shoulders.

Casual Networking

Although organized events like the ones mentioned above have their advantages, there is much to be said about casual networking. Being casual could include eating out more, going to the gym, and taking part in a recreational sport or a hobby. Getting involved in these activities can lead to making new prospects. In these environments you’re less likely to have competition with other agents and you have the opportunity to develop a friendship before working together.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for generating new leads. Make yourself stand out from the others by thinking of creative ways for people to remember you. Maybe sending a small gift in the mail instead of a bulk postcard would make you stand out. Invite people to small dinner parties out. Chances are, when your potential clients start thinking real estate, they will think of that one who stands out.

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