Excellent Closing Gift Ideas

You have finally made it to the end of your transaction with your real estate client. It may seem as if you have spent boundless weekends and evenings together and dug through mounds of paperwork but you’ve made it! What better way to cap off the experience than with a memorable closing gift that will keep the milestone and you at the forefront of their mind. You want to be careful when choosing the perfect closing gift for your client that you avoid branding on your gift. This can come off as an advertising ploy rather than a sincere gesture. Here are some great gift ideas.

Personalized Household Items

A set of personalized knives, wine glasses or other decorative items such as blankets and pillows will be a welcomed and treasured gift. Knives may seem like a strange gift, but many people find they come in handy during a move. Personalized wine glasses or bottles are also a popular gift. You could also find something that has a logo that is related to the state or hometown you live in.

Housewarming Items

Instead of having a gift say “Thank you for using me”, have your gift say “Welcome to your new home”. There are many great ideas for housewarming gifts such as a door wreath, doormat, or just moved postcards personalized to them. If you really feel like going all out a catered housewarming party is always a hit!

Commissioned art or photo albums

Although your buyers have moved from their previous home, they have still made memories there. Commission a local artist to do a painting or pencil sketch of their home. This is something that is an unexpected gesture but your client will always remember you for it.

Maybe a painting by an artist is more than you’d like to spend. Consider tapping into your creative spirit and make a photo album using a site such as Shutterfly. Use the photos you used for listing their home and put them into a book with a special message from you.

Charitable Donation

Sometimes there are those clients that are minimalists and don’t want anything more to decorate their home. The perfect closing gift for this client is to make a charitable donation in their name. This not only is a nice way to do give to your community, but it’s a nice gesture to your client.

Champagne Toast

This is an easy way to toast your clients and their new home. The closing of a home is a joyous occasion and what better way to celebrate than with a nice bottle of champagne?

No matter what you choose to give, remember that the gift should be personalized to your client!