Closing Gifts that are Perfect for your Clients

Tis the season for gift giving, and as an agent there will be many times that you’ll be giving a gift in the form of a closing gift! While there are a number of different things that may fit your client depending on who they are, there are a few gifts that are sure to be a hit! Most new homes will need a bit of additional work and touching up in terms of the landscaping, so providing your clients with potted plants or a gift certificate to a local nursery is an excellent gift! In addition, your clients will probably want to celebrate their new home, so why not provide them with a paid-for night out at a nice, local restaurant? Lastly, if you want something a bit more unique, there are a number of services through which you could have a painting of your client’s new home commissioned!

Help out with their Landscaping

No matter how wonderful a new home may be, often times your clients will have additional work that they’d like to get done with their landscaping! If your clients have purchased their home in the winter, then buying potted plants or even seeds for flowers to be planted in the spring can be a wonderful gift that will make a spring makeover much easier for your clients! If your clients have purchased their home during the spring or summer, then getting an idea of what sort of changes your clients want to make to the exterior of their home is an important first step to providing this sort of gift! Once you know what sort of changes your clients are looking to make, why not pitch in in the form of a closing gift? The next time your clients host friends and are asked about the changes made to the exterior of their home, they’ll be sure to mention your contribution!

Help your Clients Celebrate

Buying a new home—whether it’s the first, the fiftieth, or anything in between—is an exciting event, and one that your clients will surely want to celebrate! With that in mind, giving your clients a paid-for night out at a nice local restaurant is a great way to let them know that you’re truly excited for them, and that you want to ensure that their celebration is a good one! This idea can be especially useful for clients that may have moved to a new area or new state, as they’ll certainly want to familiarize themselves with the area! As such, what better way to help them with this then to have a celebration out in the town itself?

Be Unique

There are a number of gifts that are unique and are certain to be a hit with your clients, but perhaps the most unique is the gift of a personalized painting of your client’s home! There are a number of services that offer this, and can be done for an incredibly fair price that guarantees that your client’s are given a gift that they’ll cherish and remember! Also, every home is unique in one way or another, so you can rest assured that the painting of your client’s home will be truly unique and one of a kind!

Whatever closing gift you choose to send your clients, just know that there a number of ideas that can be both thoughtful and unique! As such, you clients are sure to appreciate your gesture, and they’ll be sure to mention your generosity the next time they’re asked about the gift you provided them!

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