How to Choose a Real Estate Mentor Who is Truly Effective

How to Choose a Real Estate Mentor Who is Truly Effective

If you are a new real estate agent or an agent who is looking to improve your skills, one of the best ways to move forward is by working with a mentor.  But selecting a mentor is so much more than just picking the top guy in your brokerage. You need to make sure you’ve got the right fit.  Here are four ways to choose a real estate mentor who is truly effective.  

Do they have a passion for real estate?

One of the most important aspects of selecting a mentor is finding someone who is passionate about real estate and desire to share that passion with others.  If you choose someone who cares more about the money or isn’t available after hours, you won’t get the same experience.  People who are passionate about real estate want to share that passion with others.

Do they want to teach you?

Make sure to find a real estate mentor who is serious about working with you.  If you choose someone who mentioned casually that they’d love to help you out but really don’t have the time, you won’t get anywhere.  Find someone who has a lot of knowledge and is ready and willing to share their knowledge.

Are you inspired by this person?

Look for someone who is goal-oriented, detailed, and organized when searching for a mentor.  These qualities will help you find someone who brings in a lot of leads and is able to do a lot of business. People who are awe-inspiring are more likely to leave you feeling upbeat, positive, and excited about the future.

Are looking for more than just someone to show you the ropes?

If you are a little more experienced but are searching for ways to take your business to the next level, search for someone who has risen in rank quickly within your company and someone who is trusted and valued by your boss. The key is to want to work with this person and to be willing to take feedback and direction from them.

After working with a mentor, be a mentor

One of the fastest ways to learn something is by doing it yourself, so, once you have worked with a mentor to improve your skills and your business plans, mentor someone else in your industry.  You should offer to mentor out of the kindness of your heart, not out of any obligation or duty.  Do your best to mentor with kindness and teach all your best skills–there’s no need to keep it to yourself.

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