Boosting your Online Presence as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, one of the biggest challenges can be getting your name out there and connecting with new clients! However, making good use of online resources and boosting your online presence is a great way to find and connect with potential clients! There are many ways to do this, but the first and perhaps easiest way to do this is to stay active and up-to-date with your various online profiles! Second, you should share things that are educational and informative for prospective clients! Lastly, ensure that you’re connecting online with clients that you’ve previously worked with!

Stay Active Online

The easiest way to make yourself available to your clients through your online profiles is to stay active! If prospective clients are searching for an agent and they come across your profile, they’re more likely to reach out and connect with you if they see that you’re active! Additionally, this means that you try to converse with those that you connect with online, and respond in a timely manner to those that reach out to you! This shows that you’re willing to take time out of your day to connect with clients and hear them out! It also shows that clients can feel confident that reaching out to you online is a viable way to reach you and connect with you!

Know what to Share

Being active online is about much more than just sharing whatever comes to mind—you should share things that are relative and informative! Good agents understand that social media is a great way to inform their clients about prospective properties, but also a good way educate them in general. For example, it’s perfectly acceptable to inform prospective clients of homes that you have currently listed, but why not offer them some additional information? A blog post that you come across about homebuying or a brochure about increasing the value of your home are just two examples of countless things that you could choose to share! Putting forth this type of information is another way to let your clients know that you care about their experiences, and not just the experiences that involve you! Also, this will stand out to prospective clients when they view your various profile pages, as an agent that is willing to educate in addition to helping clients buy and/or sell a home is one that is sure to stand out!

Connect with Previous Clients

Social media and other online tools are great for finding prospective clients, but you should never overlook the importance of connecting with past clients! First, you never know when said client may be looking to buy or sell a home again, and staying connected with them means that they’ll be more likely to worth with you again when that time comes! Additionally, if an agent can show that they have a good relationship with past clients, then prospective clients are more likely to want to work with them! A good review from a past client that you can share online goes a long way towards ensuring that you’ll continue to connect with new clients through your online profiles!

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