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Are Online Real Estate Courses and Licenses Trustworthy?

In short, yes, online real estate licensing courses are trustworthy. However, you should make sure your course provider is approved and offers the courses you need. Real estate professionals require a variety of education throughout their careers, and online courses provide the flexibility working professionals need. Continue reading to learn about the different types of online courses available to current and aspiring real estate professionals:  

Pre-Licensing Online Courses

In order to become a licensed real estate agent, you must start by completing a state-approved 75-hour pre-licensing course for North Carolina agents, or 90 hours of pre-licensing courses if you seek licensure in South Carolina. These courses provide foundational knowledge that real estate professionals must have before moving on in the licensing process. After finishing the course, you must pass the course exam. 

At Sea Coast Academy, we offer online pre-licensing courses for both North Carolina and South Carolina requirements. Our online class structure gives our students the flexibility they need to balance their busy lives while pursuing the career of their dreams.  

Post-Licensing Online Courses

Once you’ve received your real estate license, you can move on to post-licensing courses, during which new agents learn more about the ins and outs of the real estate industry. In North Carolina, newly-licensed real estate agents must complete at least 3 post-licensing courses within 18 months of licensure. By completing post-licensing courses, new agents are able to have the provisional status removed from their license. 

Sea Coast Academy offers online post-licensing courses to fit your busy schedule. We offer both structured North Carolina post-licensing courses as well as courses that can be completed at your own pace. 

Continuing Education Online Courses

Continuing education is an important part of being a real estate professional. Whether you’ve been in the business for 40 years or 4 years, all agents and brokers must participate in continuing education to keep their license up-to-date. Online continuing education courses have risen in popularity, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. With busy careers and personal lives, many people can’t find the time to attend in-person continuing education courses, which is why we offer North Carolina classes, South Carolina classes, and at-your-own-pace classes. 

At-Your-Own-Pace Online Courses

At-your-own-pace online courses give students the flexibility to pursue their educational goals while maintaining a healthy work/life balance that fits their unique situation. Sea Coast Academy’s at-your-own-pace online courses allow our students to complete their studies at a pace that works with their busy schedules. We believe quality real estate education should be accessible, which is why we offer both structured and at-your-own-pace online courses so our students can choose which format is right for them. 

North Carolina Online Courses

Sea Coast Academy offers pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses that are fully online. These courses prepare our students for the NC brokers exam and provide guidance for success as a real estate professional in North Carolina. Whether you are an aspiring real estate agent or a seasoned broker seeking continuing education, we have an online course for you! 

South Carolina Online Courses

At Sea Coast Academy, we offer pre-licensing and continuing education courses online to those seeking licensure or currently working in South Carolina real estate. We are ARELLO/IDECC-certified in South Carolina to teach pre-licensing courses via Zoom, giving our students the flexibility to learn wherever they are. 

Are you ready to kick-start your career in real estate? At Sea Coast Academy, we offer affordable dedicated online courses designed to prepare you for your new career in real estate in North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact us today to get started!