5 Things that can Hold you Back When Starting a Real Estate Career

5 Things that can Hold you Back When Starting a Real Estate Career

If you are thinking about becoming a real estate agent, there are so many incredible perks to working in this incredibly dynamic industry.  However, if you are new and not used to working real estate, you may find yourself with a few bad habits that are holding you back from achieving your true potential.  Here’s a few tips from the pros at Sea Coast Real Estate Academy on things to avoid when starting a real estate career.

Thinking you can do it all on your own

One of the problems that this generation has to deal with is thinking they’ve got everything figured out.  They’re very confident in themselves and in their capabilities.  However, remember that once you’ve gotten your real estate license, your training isn’t over–not by a long shot!  There is still so much to do and learn and you should wisely select a brokerage firm that will provide you with the most training going forward.  You may not make as much money in the beginning, but brokerages that are willing to train their new employees see higher returns in the future.  Invest in yourself and ask for help when you need it.

Being unwilling to commit

One of the reasons so many people get a real estate license but fail to make real estate their career is because they are unable to commit to being a real estate agent.  They aren’t sure if this career choice is right for them, and they’re still poking around looking at other options.  Some might even be working a full-time job and just trying to do a little real estate on the side.  While there is nothing wrong with working more than one job, give the real estate industry the respect it deserves by committing yourself fully to the program.  Decide now whether it’s right or not and if it is, put yourself into it 100%!

You don’t follow up

If you tell someone that you’ll call them in a few months when they’re ready to sell their house and then don’t call, you’re throwing away one of your biggest opportunities AND you’re not following through on your word.  Don’t tell someone you will do something–and then forget to do it.  Note it down and then follow up to be sure you gain the respect of your future and prospective clients.  People will take notice when you do call.   

You let rejection dictate your business

If you have let one ‘no’ or one deal that went south be the basis of your business decisions, you’ve got to get away from that.  Don’t let rejection get you down!  In business, you’re going to get told ‘no’ way more than you’ll be told ‘yes,’ and that’s a fact! It will only ruin you or slow you down if you let it.  Decide now to be positive, upbeat, and to do your best every single day. It will help you set yourself up for success.

You don’t make plans

When you’re basically your own boss, it can be easy to let things slide every now and then.  But it’s important to stay organized and on top of things!  Make sure you don’t let your emails dictate your work day and the things that get done.  Your daily plan should dictate what happens in a day and the work that you get completed.  Don’t waste time or get sucked down a rabbit hole with your phone.  Stay alert and responsive when you’re working and do things in a timely manner.  Making and keeping plans will make you more effective at what you do.

Now that you know some habits to avoid forming as your real estate career progresses, what are some habits that you should adopt as you begin your career? We’d love to hear your comments!  If you want more information about becoming a real estate agent or where to find real estate classes, Sea Coast Real Estate Academy is here to help you out.  Give one of our professionals a call today to learn more!