5 Real Estate Prospecting Ideas to Help You Get New Real Estate Clients

Once you’ve earned your real estate license, you’re going to need a steady pipeline of prospects to support your real estate career and help keep your business afloat and thriving. To get new clients as a real estate agent you’ll have to do some client prospecting. As a new agent, counting on referrals, word-of-mouth, and marketing and promotional efforts won’t be enough to float your business. In order to get your real estate business rolling you’ll need fresh real estate prospecting ideas, as well as a solid prospecting plan. Use our 5 steps below to build and maintain a list of good real estate leads.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Calculate how many prospects you need to contact in order to lock down a buyer’s or seller’s listing appointment. Veteran agents suggest that beginners start with five contacts per day, one secured lead per day, and one secured listing appointment per week. However, you should also talk to your broker about the firm’s average or what is standard for your market. Getting new clients as a real estate agent is hard work, but relying on your brokerage to help you set goals and procedures takes some of the guesswork out of it.

Remember that you’re new at this. Like most people, you will need a warm-up period to gain confidence and ramp up your prospecting skills. So it is better to set more manageable goals initially.

2. Spend Your Time Wisely 

Certainly, you want quantity, because the more leads you build the better your chances of drumming up enough business to meet your goals. However, you don’t want to waste your time focusing on cold leads and dead ends. If your prospects are not ready to make a real estate decision, don’t make them a top priority.

During initial conversations with real estate prospects, ask them how motivated they are to buy or sell and when they plan to make a decision. Then prioritize those people who are willing and able to do so in the shortest timeframe.

3. Make Prospecting Part of Your Daily Routine

To create a pipeline of real estate prospects that will grow and sustain your business, you have to prospect every day. Getting new clients in real estate is a large part of your job at first. Making a bunch of calls for two days straight and then nothing for a week won’t cut it. Instead, you need to treat prospecting the same way you would any other important appointment. Clear your schedule and focus entirely on it. At the end of each day, evaluate your prospecting efforts and set objectives for the next day.

4. Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is marketing that happens over time. You gradually “drip” pieces of content and personal touches to your sphere of influence to nurture and grow the relationships. A quality drip campaign can involve a series of emails, monthly newsletters, home maintenance reminders, and other efforts. The key is persistence. If not fully executed, a drip marketing campaign won’t have the chance to work its magic.

5. Following up on real estate prospecting plays

Remember to follow through and follow up on all of your prospects. When a prospect contacts you, always follow up quickly. If you don’t answer right away, another agent will. So be sure to stay on top of your real estate prospects and business leads.

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