5 Must-Use Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

5 Must-Use Marketing Tips for Real Estate AgentsNow that it’s a new year, it’s time to take your business to the next level by amping up your marketing plan.  Real estate agents act more like small business owners and they have the power to influence their business with their marketing skills.  Depending on the brokerage you work with, you might get some or all of your marketing needs taken care of by a team.  If your brokerage is smaller and you have to implement your own marketing strategies, here are some handy tips to get you going.  These must-use marketing tips will change the way you generate leads.

Never underestimate the power of referrals

Spending time and money in online marketing is definitely important, however, most agents still get more business through referrals and word-of-mouth.  These referrals can do so much to boost your business and get you clients for life.  Make a habit of impressing your clients, to the point that they want to send all their friends and family to you when they’re done. Ask them if they know anyone else who will be buying or selling a house soon.  And don’t forget to ask them to leave reviews for you on your website or on social media pages.

Go mobile

The world has shifted to online media and more and more people are reading emails and looking at websites on their smartphones.  That means that you must format your emails so they’re easy to read on a mobile device and make sure your website is mobile-friendly as well.  Nothing turns a potential client off faster than a website that can’t be browsed on their phone.

Grow your email list

You would be wise to start an email newsletter and start compiling a list of people to send it to.  This could be former clients, present clients, and people who have signed up for access to your website.  You’ll want to groom future clients to want to work with you while also providing interesting and helpful content for homeowners.  You could give links to blogs you’ve written and offer other useful information.

Use photo and video to enhance live listings

People love to see interesting listings.  So, if you have a house with a gorgeous entryway, a frame-worthy exterior, or even a deluxe master bath, show it off with some photo and video.  You can post the photos on your social media channels and link the videos on your website.  These minute-by-minute updates can inspire and garner the interest of new clients, especially if you are utilizing hashtags.

Amp up your social media content

Finally, grow your social media following slowly and easily by posting content on a set schedule (like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am).  Post links to blogs or articles you have found interesting/useful, funny memes and photos, and info about your business.  Don’t post solely about getting new clients because that turns people off.  Engage with your followers, follow them back, like their posts and tweets and you will see your impact grow.

Marketing is one of the aspects of the business that takes a little time and effort to learn.  Try to work on it a little every day so it doesn’t become cumbersome or too hard to keep up with. Good luck in your endeavors! For more tips on growing your real estate business, visit Sea Coast Real Estate Academy.