3 Unspoken Rules of Being a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent can be hard work, and there are numerous rules and regulations that you must know in order to get your license. However, there are also a number of unspoken rules that you’ll want to be sure you’re familiar with. Many of these rules are things that you’ll learn as you gain experience as an agent, although understanding them now can put you ahead of the curve. While some of them may seem more apparent than others, all of them are crucial in being a better agent!

Communication is Key

This may seem a bit obvious, but your ability to communicate consistently and clearly is crucial to your success as an agent. Whether you’re communicating with clients, a fellow agent, a broker, etc. it’s vital that your communication skills are the best that they can be. A career as an agent can be non-stop and the amount of different people trying to reach you at a given time can seem overwhelming at times, but managing your time and replying to everyone in a timely manner is crucial. Clients appreciate an agent who always makes them a priority, and nothing says this better than communicating with them and replying to them as soon as possible. In additions, your fellow agents will appreciate a colleague that is available and able to make time for them despite a busy schedule. In all, your ability to communicate is crucial, and those around you will expect your communication skills to be up to snuff.

Update Listing Information in a Timely Manner

With how busy your days can be as an agent, updating the listing information on a home may seem like something that can be set aside for another time. However, there are few things worse than having to explain to a client that they fell in love with a home that is already under contract—and all because a listing wasn’t updated. In addition, it can be incredibly embarrassing if someone attempts to show a property, only to find out it’s already been purchased. As such, listing information is where your clients can potentially find their next home, and making sure that the information is up to date only serves to help you, your clients, and your fellow agents!

Ensure that you Leave a Home the Way you Found it

As an agent, you’ll be spending a lot of time ensuring that doors are windows are closed and locked, and generally that lights have been turned out and shades drawn. However, there are certain situations where leaving the lights on or leaving the home presented in a certain way is actually a good idea. Consider this situation: you’re just leaving a home that’s been listed and you turn out all of the lights before you leave. However, unbeknownst to you, a showing is about to take place in that home, and the clients will arrive to a home that is completely dark. In addition, the agent in charge of the showing will be less than thrilled that they spent much of their showing turning lights on for those viewing the home. This also ties in with the point about communication because, after all, communicating with your fellow agents is a great way to avoid situations like this.

In all, communicating with those around you is crucial, and understanding the importance of updating listing information and leaving a home exactly as you found it are three of the unspoken—yet crucial—rules being an agent. Understanding these now will only serve to help you in the future!

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