3 Tip to Sell your Client’s Home

As a real estate agent you’ll be dealing with a number of clients that wish to sell their home, and there’s a lot more to selling a house than just putting up the for sale sign in the yard! First and foremost, you should have a good understanding of how to price the home and how to best communicate this information with your clients! Additionally, you have to be able to effectively market not only the home, but also the area which it is in! Lastly, you should ensure that whomever wishes to buy your client’s home is truly a qualified buyer! If you can do these three things effectively, you’ll be well on your way to further improving as an agent and finding greater success when selling a client’s home!


The Price has to be Right

It may sound a bit obvious, but understanding how to correctly price your client’s home is perhaps the most crucial part of selling said home! A good agent doesn’t think of their commission when pricing a client’s home, and simply telling the client what they want to hear rather than being honest is simply wrong. That said, an agent who consistently is able to sell their clients’ homes at or near the original list price is one that understands how to effectively price their clients’ homes! In addition, if you’re consistently selling your clients’ homes at or near the original list price, then potential clients will see your consistency and your reputation as an agent will improve!

Also, agents should understand that there are a number of ways to increase or decrease the value of your client’s home. How desirable is the area in which the home is located? How good are the local schools?  If the home is a part of a neighborhood are there certain amenities or benefits afforded to homeowners in the neighborhood? There are countless examples of things like this that you need to understand and consider, and a good agent will take all of these things in mind when pricing their clients’ home!

Sell the Home and the Area

This is an important piece of advice that we’ve touched on before in other posts, but that’s because it’s truly that important! Any good agent knows that selling your client’s home is as much about marketing the area as the home itself! There are numerous nice homes on the market, but an agent that effectively markets the area and truly makes buyers feel comfortable imagining themselves living in said home is an agent that will consistently sell their clients’ homes! Research the area in which the home is, and make a plan to highlight a number of local features that make the home unique! If you can effectively advertise the home and the area in such a way that the home itself stands out amongst other similarly priced homes, you’ll find that a sale will happen sooner than you think!

Sell to a Qualified Buyer

Again, this may seem like an incredibly obvious point, but you should ensure that those that wish to buy your client’s home are qualified to do so! There are a number of ways to be sure that you’re selling your client’s home to a reputable buyer, but perhaps the most important way is to understand the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved. Essentially, buyers that are pre-qualified have been determined to be so without a look at their credit reports or proof of income, among other things. As such, someone who is pre-approved has had these important pieces of information verified, and thus they are much more likely to be able to obtain a mortgage and a loan!

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